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MicroProject Categorization is an ongoing effort to better categorize MicroWiki's many articles on various topics related to micronationalism as a whole. Categories are important to any wiki, regardless of topic, to help its readers to locate and view related articles with ease.

You can take part in MicroProject Categorization by adding necessary categories next time you edit an article. A few extra seconds to add a relevant category makes a big difference.

A refresher on categories

Categories are a special type of link that adds "tags" to articles, similar to how one can add topic-relevant tags to a post on social media.

The syntax for adding a category is such: [[Category:Micronations]]. Adding a colon before "Category" ([[:Category:Micronations]]) will instead produce a clickable link that will not categorize the page, which should not be used for articles in the main namespace.

Categories should only be added at the very bottom of pages, below all other sections, navigational templates, and references. Categories must be added in a vertical unbulleted list, prefereably from least to most specific, as such:

[[Category:Micronations in the United States]]
[[Category:Micronations in New York]]
[[Category:Micronations established in 2018]]


The magic word {{DEFAULTSORT:}} can be added above or below the list of categories, and tells MicroWiki's software how to properly sort the article on a Category page by providing a phrase from which to determine its order in an alphabetical list instead of doing so using the title.

Here is an example of proper Defaultsort syntax: {{DEFAULTSORT:Austenasia, Kingdom of}}

If you are unsure of how to use Defaultsort, DO NOT USE IT! Chances are that a bot will automatically add it to a page anyway.

Categorizing articles


Do not use Category:Micronations. This category is too general to provide any helpful sorting, and it is in the process of being converted to a container category. If you happen to edit a page that uses it, delete it and replace it with more specific categories, if such information is available on the page. Do not add these categories to other articles pertaining to the nation—they are only for a nation's main article.

Specific categories for micronations include but are no limited to:

  • The country (macronation) the micronation is located in: [[Category:Micronations in X]]. If a micronation has claims in multiple countries, use all that apply.
    • Some country categories also have subcategories for states or regions, such as the United States and United Kingdom, for example, [[Category:Micronations in Texas]] or [[Category:Micronations in England]]. Do not use such categories without a country category, and again, use all that apply.
  • The year the micronation was established in: [[Category:Micronations established in XXXX]]
  • Official or spoken languages in the micronation: [[Category:X-speaking micronations]]. Use these only for official languages of the micronation.

Former (defunct) micronations

Use all categories listed above except [[Category:Micronations in X]], instead, use [[Category:Former micronations in X]], as well as for a country's subdivisions: [[Category:Former micronations in Texas]].

Administrative regions and settlements

Micronations use various titles for their administrative regions. Simply categorizing all articles under [[Category:Administrative regions]] would be to general. The general categories for a micronation's administrative regions follow this format:

[[Category:Subdivisions of X]], for example, [[Category:Subdivisions of Austenasia]]

Here are some examples of how to properly categorize administrative regions. All should be subdivision-specific subcategories of their respective micronation's [[Category:Subivisions of X]].

[[Category:Provinces of Bepistan]]

[[Category:Counties of Faltree]]

Top-level adminstrative divisions should use "of." Cities, towns, and "secondary" divisions should use "in.""

[[Category:Cities in Faltree]]

Former administrative regions

Going with previous patterns for defunct nations, simply append "former" to the category. These categories should be a subcategory of [[Category:Former subdivisions of X]], which in turn should also be a subcategory of [[Category:Subdivisions of X]].

[[Category:Former counties of Faltree]]

Categorizing images


Categorizing templates

Navigational boxes

Navigational boxes are useful for directing readers to related articles. Generally, navigational box templates are categorized by topic.