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MicroWiki is far from perfect. New articles are created every day, often in a rush and with too many spelling and grammatical errors. The good news is that anyone can help improve MicroWiki!

When you copy-edit a page, you are helping the author to express ideas in the clearest and most accurate way possible. You are also improving the credibility of the encyclopedia and its articles. Copy-editing mistakes, blatant or trivial, simply look bad and should be corrected as soon as possible. Only articles in the main space should be copyedited, as discussion and talk pages are much less formal and should not be copyedited.

Spelling and grammar

If you see any mistakes, please correct them (even if they are very small typos). This greatly helps with making MicroWiki look as professional as possible.

Note that MicroWiki has no preference for American, British or other forms of English so long as the usage is consistent for the whole page. Check the rest of the page before assuming that flavour, colour, metre, or defence (or, on the other hand, flavor, color, meter, or defense) is a mistake.

Correct grammar is also very important. Feel free to correct grammar mistakes and clear and confusing wording on any article, regardless of whether it is related to you or your micronation.