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Dictatorship of Malmoria
Maloran Flag.png

Striving for glory trough labor
Official language(s)Malmorian, German
Official religion(s)Atheism

The Dictatorship of Malmoria is a Micronation founded on the 19th of may 2018. It is a Microstate with one province. Malmoria has the government Type of an democratically republican dictatorship. Also Malmoria accepts new citizens, Malor said "We would be glad to get new citizen and expand, those who want to be new citizen just need to request it.".


It was founded on 19 May 2018

Government type

Malmoria has an Government in which there is on Dictator who sets rules but cannot change the constitution, also the dictator can be voted out. The Dictator can Order the Consulate, and can set rules for the Province Dictators. The Province Dictators rule special provinces in the Country they can vote the Dictator out of his position more easily and can set rules in the frame of the rule from the Main-Dictator.


The Dictator is Malor (Malte)



5 ranks

  • Upper admiral
  • Admiral
  • General
  • Lieutenant
  • Soldier


5 ranks

  • Upper admiral
  • Admiral
  • General
  • Lieutenant
  • Marine

Air Force

3 ranks

  • Upper admiral
  • Squadron leader
  • Pilot

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