Kingdom of New Friesland

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Kingdom of New Friesland
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loyalty freedom and respect
comming soon
File:Comming soon
Official language(s)Frisian, Dutch, Danish
Official religion(s)religious freedom. (But will watch every cult that may appear)
Short nameNew Frisia
DemonymNew Frisian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingTjebbe I of Frisia
- Prime Ministercomming soon
LegislatureState-General of New Friesland
- Type - Unicameral
Established21 october 2012
Area claimed>comming soon
CurrencyNew Frisian gulder
Time zone(UTC -8)

New Frisia, officially kingdom of new Friesland (Frysk:) (dutch: koninkrijk van nieuw friesland) is a dutch Antarctic micronation located in between the united kingdoms, Norway, and Australian claim. But with its government headquartered in Denmark. A democratic country with a monarch founded on october 21, 2012, it's ruled by a king, presently Tjebbe the I of Frisia, who is also it's founder.

New Frisia is a yet unknown micronation in Antarctic micronationalism and the MicroWiki community (since its young age), New Frisia is not yet a member of the AMU (Antarctic Micronational Union) but will send a request for acceptation on January 24, 2013. New Frisia is a peaceful nation and agains war of any kind. New Frisia is looking up to the Belgium mikronation Flandrensis, New Frisia hopes that Flandrensis wants to work together with New Frisia at some point. New Frisia hopes to be accepted in the Flandrensisian Commonwealth, because it's dutch speaking country, and is looking help to to become a successful mikronation with lots of Foreign relations.

It's current impossible to visit the New Frisian territory (mainland and islands) but the king and his followers identifies itself as a independent micronation. The king will visit the New Frisian territory at some point in the future.

New Frisia is a neutral country that doesn't want to join any war, it wants to stay neutral as long as it can. New Frisia will not join a war on request.


The name Friesland can be traced all the way back to the european country of the Netherlands, Friesland is the name of the province where Tjebbe I is born.

The goal with the name is to get it back on the world map, as a independent nation. The last time that Friesland was a independent nation was back in the year 900, when it got taken over by the Frankish empire. The flag of New Friesland was created in early 2012.


The Kingdom of new Friesland was formed as an imaginary nation on october 21, 2012 and written down on paper on october 23, 2012. Tjebbe I of Frisia though Antarctica would be a good location for a new nation, so he searched on many different websites and after 3 hours he found some unclaimed land. New Frisia claims the location between the united kingdoms, Norway, and Australian claim, and the islands: young island, row island, buckle island, sturge island, franklin island, and drygalski island.

Foreign relations

New Frisian does not yet have any foreign relations, but hopes to get many in the near future.


Royal New Frisian national guard (RNFNG) is the home security of New Friesland, it's used to protect the New frisian territory, it's only used when New Friesland is danger.

New Frisian police force (NFPC) is the normal police force used on the mainland and islands, its main mission is to reduce crime.

Royal New Frisian navy (RNFN) the royal navy, used to protect the New Frisian islands if needed.


New Friesland is a parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy with the king as head of the state. All the political people get democratically elected by the people. The king is the only only one who can elect people for high rank jobs in the royal army, and the royal navy, except that the king not have any other power in the country. The king can not pass new laws without the parliaments, the king must set his signature when a new law is set by the parliament. The king is the only one who can give royal medals (orders).


Kingdom of new Frisia (Friesland) Claims: young island, row island, buckle island, sturge island, franklin island, drygalski island, and a little piece of landlocked mainland between the united kingdoms, Norway, and Australian claim. Claims in europe: 1 farm on jutland and nordborg castle on Als

Constitutional Act of New Friesland

1: these laws count for all the parts of the kingdom 2: after the death of the king the firstborn prince or princess takes over the kingdom 3: the king can not punish the people for crimes the did, the only one who can do that is the court and the judges. 4: everybody has the right to believe to have faith in that they think is right, everybody has religious freedom and may not be punished for there faith. 5: the king does not have the right to take material stuff from the civil people. 6:the king can ignore some of the rules, but only if the parliament accepts it. 7: penguins are not to be disturbed at any moment. 8: it's very illegal to steal penguin eggs 9: the prince has to be minimal 13 years of age, before he can success the king after his death. 10: if the king is sick, and does not have any children, the parliament takes over his royal duty until he's back. 11: if the king dies, and does not have any children of his own, then he can write a family in his testament who'll inherit the crown, if he did not do that then the parliament will choose a new king. 12: the police can't search civil homes without a house search order. 13: the king can give political asylum whenever he wants. 14: even though the parliament has most of the power in the country, the king still is in charge of the royal army and royal navy. 15: the king can decide whats on the coins.