Province of Johanneste

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—  Overseas Province of New Flag of Centralia.png Confederation of Nova Tromsø  —

Founded 30 August 2020
Founder Iggy Hockenheim, Johann Kümmel
 - Governor Johann Kümmel (de facto)
Population (2020)
 - Total 1
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
Area code(s) JK

The Province of Johanneste, formerly the Province of Johanneskuchnia (English: Johanneskitchen lit. "Johann’s Kitchen") is a direct province of the Confederation of Nova Tromsø located in Kümmel’s kitchen, Chicago.


The name “Johanneskuchnia” stems from the location of the territory, being in Johann Kümmel’s kitchen. The name is partly in Polish. Johanneste is a more simplified and serious name, which was partly taken from the previous name.


During the transition from Centralia to Nova Tromsø, Johanneskuchnia was transferred to the new state.

In November 2020, a decree by the Presidential Council declared Johanneste an overseas province. It also created the Novtromsan Culinary Centre.[1]

Refrences and Notes

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