Constitution of Slovavia

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Section 1: Roles - Citizen, Middle-Class Citizen, Prime Minister, King |

Section 2: Military - Army, Navy, Air Force |

Section 3: Currency - InfinityLand’s currency is InfinityDollars, based off two short-lived currencies, those being kilos and crews |

Section 4: Flag Design - IL’s Flag Design will be minimalistic and simple. unlike most flags, which have many shapes, IL’s does not have many |

Section 5: Anthem - IL’s anthem is The King's Reign |

Section 6: Motto - The motto of InfinityLand is ad infinitum, et ultra which is “To Infinity And Beyond” in Latin |

Section 7: Laws - A list of laws will be released soon |

Section 8: Copyright - We opened the InfinityLand Official Copyright Office in April 2019 to copyright all government flags, coat of arms, national anthem, etc. |

Section 9: Web portal - We currently have a open web portal at for updates |

Section 10: Media release - All government documents released in the media will need be permitted by the copyright holder first (The Kingdom of InfinityLand) |

Section 11: Education - Universities will open every 3 years. So far only Redwood has a university |

Section 12: Citizenship - we currently have a citizenship form made in PowerPoint, which will go online in 2020-2021 |