Crown Protectorate of Haarsland

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Bàn Mìr



"Thorough is the sea, thorough forth is the man."
National Patrún

Location of Bàn Mìr in the Outer Hebrides
Capital city Dréagan éir
Largest city Scarp
Official language(s) Haars Gaelic
Demonym Haars
Government Constitutional monarchy with a non-partisan democracy
- Toisiche Elizabeth II
- Ceannards Matthew Saor-Lach
Eòinean Leig
- Chief Minister None
Legislature Yywyr
- Type - British Crown Protectorate
Established 26 July 2015
Area claimed 10.4km2
Population 63
Currency Great British Pound (GBP)
Time zone GMT+0

The British Crown Protectorate of Haarsland (Haars Gaelic: Bàn Mìr), also known simply as Haarsland, is a proposed constituent country of the United Kingdom that occupies the Isle of Scarp and sections of Lewis & Harris, bordering Scotland. Since 2015, the Gaelic/Norwegian speaking country has been actively seeking autonomy from Scotland and devolution to a local parliament. The region is currently governed as a part of the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar constituency of the United Kingdom and is officially represented in parliament by the MP of that constituency, although Haars Nationalists Matthew Saor-Lach and MacShuail campaign for recognition as a protectorate of the UK rather than as a part of Scotland. Culturally, Haarsland is Nordic and the government plans to run a devolved Nordic Model-style state under the United Kingdom's guidance. The official Head of State for the country is Elizabeth II, serving as the Toisiche (English: Leader), whilst three Ceannards (English: Stewards) are appointed as Heads of Government. Alongside Saor-Lach and MacShuail, Eòinean Leig was appointed as a Ceannard in July 2015 by the voting population of the country. Haarsland is officially run without political parties and is therefore considered a Non-Partisan Democracy. Of the 3 seats available, all appointed ministers are politically independent candidates. Haarsland's economy is dominated by the North Star Company, a scrap, shipping and freight company based in the country's largest settlement, Scarp.

Ecologically, Haarsland is considered one of the greenest countries on Earth due to it's low carbon footprint and heavy emphasis on environmental protection. The legislative document that is considered law in Haarsland, the Yywyr, outlines the continual plans for preserving local nature and ensuring that islands such as St. Kilda retain their UNESCO World Heritage status.