Great Quebec-Versailles flood 2019

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Great Quebec-Versailles flood 2019
Duration30 April
1 May 2019
  • Cars
  • Sewage drains
Areas affected800kingshighwayQuebec.svg Flag of the Kingdom of Quebec.svg Taylor 800
Quebec; Taylor, Michigan

The Great Quebec-Versailles flood 2019 was a flood in the Kingdom of Quebec which started on 30 April 2019 and ended at some point on the day of 1 May 2019. It was caused by heavy rain making the road unable to drain due to engineering mistakes which created a temporary river out of a road with was later named by locals as Brown River or Brown Canal.

Map of affected areas
     Documented Flooding
     Reported flooding


In 2017, a local pavement and asphalt company was payed to resurface the old roadways and parking lots. before the resurfacing, the parking lots had problems draining since the drains would become clogged with leaves during the fall, in 2015-16, the parking lot and roads would flood and destroy cars costing thousands of dollars in insurance. After the company resurfaced the roads and parking lots, they accidentally paved over half of the drains in the area, it is know by the government to be the best cause, it also did not help that a Thunder storm that caused three inches of ran came to the area.


  • On 30 April, it was reported to the government that the area was reciving a thunder storm warning via, Emergency Alert System.
  • Later that night, it was reported that 3-4 inches of rain could cause flooding.
  • On 1 May, Most of the roads and parking lots were flooded, cars were abandoned and basements became flooded.

Government response

The Kingdom and its King are deeply saddened for this major lost for us and our people, we will rebuild, we will restart from a piece a manure to a flower.
— Aidan I, on flood disater 2019

Micronational responses


Reported Areas

Outside of Quebec