Fascist Swan Empire of Goktriegsland

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Fascist Swan Empire of Goktriegsland

"Gokt atz Herbertuttenn."
Song of the Gokts
Capital cityStutzennpratenn
Largest cityStutzennpratenn
Official language(s)Goktt, English

Goktriegsland is a simulated micronation.


Goktriegsland was founded on August 1, 2012 as the Free Empire of Goktriegsland. Elections were held the day after, and Franz Josef the 6th was named Emperor. The Fascist Swan Party came close to winning the elections. Refered to as "The Swans" the Swan Party continued to rally under Johann Foster the 2nd. By August 7, the Swans forced another election, claiming the first was cheated. The Swans had much political power by this time, as all ministers of the Goktt cabinet were Fascist Swans. Franz Josef won the elections again however, and this caused a huge rally outside the Brittenberg pallace by the Swans. The Swans promised a great economy and a greater Goktriegsland, but also promised expulsions of many ethnic groups. By August 12, 2012 it had been time for Prime Minister elections. The Fascist Swan Party had emerged victorious. Johann Foster was named Prime Minister of Goktriegsland, a rank without much power. The Swans were hoping for Foster to be the Emperor, but it did not happen. On August 19, 2012 Johann Foster achieved the rank of Emperor after Franz Josef's mysterious death. By now, Foster had achieved all power. And Goktriegsland was now the Fascist Swan empire of Goktriegsland.