Empire of Nashikuo

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Empire of Nashikuo
Imperio de Nashikuo


Nashikuo Territory.png
Territory in Peachtree City, Georgia, United States
Capital cityNashikuo Prime
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Japanese
Short nameNashikuo
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- EmperorCasper von Navārdia
EstablishedFebruary 29th, 2020
Area claimed6.571 acres
7.259 acres (total)
Time zoneEastern
National sportCrew
National animalGoose
Observer of the ARU


The Empire of Nashikuo is a territorial entity claiming to be sovereign company-state, often classified as a micronation. It is made up of nine pieces of land in the deciduous forest region of North America, all of them being islands. Its capital is the smallest and northernmost island, known to as Nashikuo Prime. All of the territory of Nashikuo is surrounded by the United States of America.

Nashikuo exists to encourage and further micronational endeavors in the Georgia area, and is actively trying to cede the majority of its territory to existing micronations and budding micronationalists. Because of this situation, the nation follows an internal policy of absolute monarchy, and a foreign policy similar to that of the Republic of Molossia. Culturally, however, Nashikuo takes inspiration by the Empire of Japan, specifically its puppet state called Manchukuo.


The name Nashikuo is taken from the Japanese language, and literally means pear state. It is derived from Manchukuo, a Japanese puppet state that existed during the WWII era, as well as the pear, a fruit related to the apple (which Lake McIntosh is named for).


Nashikuo is led by an Emperor, who holds absolute authority over the country's government and territory. The emperor enforces Nashikuan influences over its land, and manages all contacts with nations and individuals that are interested in taking an imperial island, internally referred to as clients, client countries or client claimants.

Every Nashikuan island, besides the capital, is available for clients to use. Due to its territorial disputes with the United States, Nashikuo holds a policy of avoiding building permanent structures on imperial islands and asks its clients to do the same.

Foreign Affairs

Due to the nature of Nashikuan territorial claims, it was decided early on in the country’s history that it would model its foreign policy off of Molossia’s - recognizing all entities that claim sovereignty, but rarely doing much to formally assert that. As such, any micronation or similar entity can claim mutual recognition with Nashikuo. The following list, however, includes only clients and other polities that have signed a treaty with the empire.