Erusian executive election, December 2008

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Erusian Executive Election, December 2008
Candidate Robert Lethler Maria Carlisle
Political Party Communist Party Democratic Front
Running Mate Carwyn Jenkins Hannah Thacher
Projected Vote (%) 50.00% 33.33%
Popular Vote 3 of 6 electoral votes 2 of 6 electoral votes
Percentage 50.00% 33.33%

The Decmber 2008 Erusian Executive Election will took place between December 15th and December 16th 2008 in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Three political parties registered for the election and were authorised to begin on December 1st 2008 in accordance with Erusian national law. The Erusian National Communist Party won the election outright with 50.00% of the vote, securing re-election to the National People's Executive Committee. The People's National Front for Democracy and Reform secured their projected %33.33 of the vote, with the Social Liberty Party ranking third with only %16.66 of the popular vote. All three parties achieved their original projected vote, despite conerns that the Communist Party would lose a considerable percentage of votes. The Executive Election also included the election of local Administrative officials of the highest level. Because the legislative body of Erusia works according to the principles of Communist Democracy, no elections for Assembly Members took place. The new Communist government will form on December 18th 2008.


Erusian National Communist Party

The Communist Party of Erusia was expected to achieve a massive victory over it's opponent the People's Democratic Front. The Party was almost certain to achieve victory at the national elections, securing Communist rule for six months unless the People's Democratic Front is able to win over certain Communist supporters. At an Administrative level, the Party was expected to retain both their seats in Santica and Erus City. The Communists had fielded Robert Lethler as their candidate for Administrator of Sacria Autonomous District but, with no Communist citizens or sympathisers in Sacria, the Party expected to make no gain over the incumbent Maria Carlisle. The Communists fufilled their objectives completely.

People's National Front for Democracy and Reform

The People's National Front for Democracy and Reform was only likely to achieve 33.33% of the vote in the national elections, falling considerably short of the majority it needs to achieve a legal victory. The registration of the Social Liberty Party reduced the People's Democratic Front vote from 40.00%, whilst the Communist Party lost 10% of their projected vote. The only chance for the People's Democratic Front to achieve victory is for them to win over certain elements of the Communist Party or it's supporters. The Social Liberty Party was unlikely to make any significant gains during the election.

At an Administrative level, the People's Democratic Front was unlikely to make any gains either. The Front has fielded no candidate for the Santica Autonomous District, garaunteeing the incumbent Colum McKenna victory there. In Erus City the Front had fielded Hannah Thacher as it's candidate for Administrator but she was projected to receive only 33.33% of the vote, falling considerably short of the required 50.01% if she is to become the city's new Administrator. As expected, the Democrats retained their Administrative seat but made no gains during the election.

Pre-Election period

Erusian law requires an election to be broken down into four periods: Pre-Election, Campaign, Election and Ad Interim. The Pre-Election period began on November 28th 2008 and ends at midnight on November 30th/December 1st 2008. The Pre-Election period focuses on Party registration for the national election, nomination of a candidate for the office of Supreme People's Commissioner and nominations of candidates for regional administrations. On November 29th 2008 the Communist Party confirmed that Robert Lethler would run for election as Supreme People's Commissioner. The following day Maria Carlisle was confirmed as the People's Democratic Front candidate.


Campaigning will begin on December 1st 2008 and conclude with the beginning of the Election period. It is illegal for a political party to begin campaigning for election votes during the Pre-Election period.

Communist Campaign

The Communist election campaign is expected to be fairly relaxed with most voters all ready plegded to support the Party during the election. In all probability, the Communist Party's campaign will be focused around reminding voters of the Socialist nature of Erusian society and the constitutional power of the Communist Party to stop anyone from changing the nature of society.

Democratic Campaign

The Democratic Campaign is expected to rely heavily on anti-Communist propoganada in an effort to encourage voters to swtich allegiance to the People's Democratic Front. The Party leader and national candidate, Maria Carlisle, is expected to be extremely active in the campaign in order to establish herself as a popular figurehead for Erusian voters. Hannah Thacher is expected to focus her efforts almost entirely on the Erus City elections in an effort to oust the standing Carwyn Jenkins from his Administrative Seat there.

National Debates

In order to take the election campaign to a new level uncommon in micronational elections, two live election debates will be held in December. The first of these, scheduled for December 5th 2008, will be between the two candidates for the Supreme People's Commissioner with the second (scheduled for Decmber 10th 2008) will be between the candidate's running mates.

Interparty Conference

In a surprise move, leading candidates Robert Lethler and Maria Carlisle announced that they would be hosting an Interparty Conference late on December 11th that would continue until December 13th. According to the announcement, the goal of the conference is to discuss the possibility of democratic reform regardless of who wins the election. Although many suspect that this is a move by the Communist Party for publicity, the People's Democratic Front has said that they have every intention of fighting for a Constitutional Reform Act.


The election itself began on December 15th 2008, two days later than the originally confirmed December 13th date due to internal political issues. The election period ended 20:29 on December 16th when it was confirmed that all possible ballots had been declared, with the last party making clear their intention to abstain at the ballot. The Erusian government has asserted that a resounding 85.71% of the population voted during the election period. Simulteneously, votes were be cast for the Administrative regions.

December 16th Perliminary Results

In order to estimate the outcome of the vote as declared on December 17th, the Erusian government authorised an independent poll to be held asking voters who they had cast their votes for. The results of the poll are outlined below.

Candidate Estimated Vote (%) Political Party
Robert Lethler 42.85% Communist Party of Erusia
Maria Carlisle 28.57% People's Democratic Front
John Marshall 14.29% Social Liberty Party

The results of the poll clearly suggested that both the Communist Party and Democratic Front have suffered as a result of the Social Liberty Party's involvement in the election, although the Communists remained firmly in the lead. It is estimated that, according to these new approximations, it was impossible for either the Social Liberty Party or the People's Democratic Front to defeat the Communists without forming a united front against them. If the SLP had elected to support the PDF and all undeclared voters do the same, it was still possible for the Communist Party to be ousted.

Election Results

Robert Lethler announced the results of the election in his speech at the end of the election period, declaring an outright Communist victory immediately before standing down to terminate his first term and enter into the Ad Interim period of the election.

National Candidates

Supreme People's Commissioner
Candidate Vote (%) Political Party Incumbent Offices
Robert Lethler 50.00% Communist Party of Erusia Supreme People's Commissioner
Maria Carlisle 33.33% People's Democratic Front NPEC-Foreign Affairs
John Marshall 16.66% Social Liberty Party NPEC-Social Justice
Candidate Vote (%) Political Party Incumbent Offices
Carwyn Jenkins 60.00% Communist Party of Erusia Premier
Hannah Thacher 40.00% People's Democratic Front Assembly Member

Administrative Candidates

Sacria Autonomous District
Candidate Vote (%) Political Party
Robert Lethler 00.00% Communist Party of Erusia
Maria Carlisle (incumbent) 100.00% People's Democratic Front
Santica Autonomous District
Candidate Vote (%) Political Party
Colum McKenna (incumbent) 100.00% Communist Party of Erusia
Erus Special Municipal Administrative Authority
Candidate Vote (%) Political Party
Carwyn Jenkins (incumbent) 66.66% Communist Party of Erusia
Hannah Thacher 33.33% People's Democratic Front

Ad interim

Once the election result was verified, the standing National People's Executive Committee officially resigned en masse so that the Ad Interim period could begin. Immediately after the conclusion of his speech, the Supreme People's Commissioner confirmed the dismissal of his cabinet and authorised Special Executive Provision A1, simulteneously issuing Constitutional Special Directorate 3-B. Both these acts declared that the full power of the executive would be vested in the National People's Assembly until midnight on December 18th 2008, at which point the Assembly must relinquish executive power to Robert Lethler once more so he may re-form a government. Untill December 18th, Erusia is unable to make any national policy changes or conduct foreign relations.