Principality of Daugavpivia

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Principality of Daugavpivia
Official names:
  • Knjažestvo Daugavpivija (Daugavpivian)
  • Княжество Даугавпивия
    Knjažestvo Daugavpivija (Bulgarian)
  • Княжество Даугавпивия
    Knyazhestvo Daugavpiviya (Russian)
Daugavpivia flag 2020.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Вiaраме сi, едiнаво дiрєктно
Anthem: n/a
Official languagesDaugavpivian
• Prince
Daniil Hrisanov
Establishment10 August 2016
• Census
~ 52.000
Time zoneCET (GMT+1)
Internet (de facto)
.ru (de facto)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's Republic of Daugavpivia
Kingdom of Teweria

The Principality of Daugavpivia was a micronation located in Eastern Europe.


Kingdom of Daugavpivia

It was established as the Kingdom of Daugavpivia on 10 August 2016, following the proposal of Dmitry Maltz and Denis Kukunin. The successor state that was established, abolished the presidency and introduced the office of the "Domnitor". Daniil Hrisanov, the founder of the predecessor state, assumed said post until the decline and liquidation of the state on 18 October 2016.

Principality of Daugavpivia

A year later, on 18 October 2017, Daugavpivia restored its statehood and replaced the title of Domnitor with that of the Prince. Daniel Krasnitsky was elected as the new Chancellor of Daugavpivia and proposed a federal system of countries in order to prevent unrest in Dragogdar.

Fascist Dictatorship of Daugavpivia

Subsequently, the monarchy began to tolerate the crisis and was liquidated by the Sovereign Committee, which introduced the fascist dictatorship of Daugavpivia. Rabich became the leader of the Committee and Daniil Hrisanov became Vodachem of the Daugavpivska state, which became part of the fascist alliance, which included Svetorussiya, Loneyard and Greenkantria.

The activities of all parties were eliminated and outlawed. The ruling party that emerged was the Daugavpivsky front.

First Daugavpivian Republic

On 20 March 2018, the dictatorship was abolished and the First Daugavpivian Republic was declared, but very soon it collapsed. A few months later, on 31 July, the transfer of power to the Provisional National Government was announced, which restored statehood and order in the country and the autonomy of Dragudar was liquidated forever.

Provisional National Government of Daugavpivia

Between 21 and 30 August 2018, Daniil Hrisanov was the National President of Daugavpivia. After that and for the remainder of the year, there was no activity in Daugavpivia.

Second People's Republic of Daugavpivia

On 28 February 2019, after a long stagnation, Daugavpivia chose the course of building up people's democracy together with the Communist Party, headed by Izyaslav Tokarev.

The period of development of the Second People's Republic took place from the foundation of the postulates of Tokarism to the "summer of concepts", from which the stagnation of the People's Daugavpivia began. As a result, the autumn of Daugavpivia became stagnant. This burden forced Izyaslav Tokarev, Vodach of the People's Republic of Daugavpivia, to take radical measures - to begin the rehabilitation of Daugavpivia through the power of the newly formed Transitional Council, which determined the future of the country in the right, old channel that flowed in that February 2018. Thus, the time of the Daugavpivia state came, during which two large parties fought for power: the National Daugavpivia Association - a political party formed by the merger of the Daugavpivisky National Front and the faction of "right turners" or "good totalists", and the Workers' Union of Daugavpivia, which is unofficially considered the successor Daugavpiska Communist Party.

May 2020 became very stormy for Daugavpivia, as it “mowed down the house” very much, due to the fact that the State was developing on the old outdated rails of Tokarism. In view of this, the Vodach of Daugavpivia announced the beginning of the second part of the rehabilitation under the leadership of the Restoration Government.

Republic of Daugavpivia

On 27 May 2020, on the basis of a common decision of the Government and Vodach, the "Charter on the Restoration of the Republic" was promulgated, thereby abolishing the State and establishing a Republic, which did not last long.

Principality of Daugavpivia

On 13 December 2020, the Principality of Daugavpivia was proclaimed, which was to be governed by the Regency Council until the accession of the Grand Duke. On 3 January 2021, the principality joined the League of Independent States.

Against the background of other foreign policy victories, the country's linguistic issue was resolved: on 11 April 2021, the Regency Council of the Principality approved the common use of the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets for writing the Daugavpivian language. Thus, a consensus had been reached on the language issue raised in the last years of the People's Republic of Daugavpivia. On the day of the fifth anniversary of the independence of the state, Daniil Hrisanov ascended on the throne, taking the title of Prince and the corresponding name - Lito I.


Daugavpivia was dissolved on 19 June 2021, when it was announced that it was renamed to Teweria.


This is the list of the heads of state of Daugavpivia, between 2016 and 2021:

Head of state
Name Title State Period Notes
Daniil Hrisanov Domnitor Kingdom of Daugavpivia 10 August–18 October 2016 First head of state
Daniil Hrisanov Regent Kingdom of Daugavpivia 18 October 2016 – 18 October 2017 Abolished
Dmitry Maltz Prince Principality of Daugavpivia 18 October 2017–February 2018 Abolished
Rabich Head of the Committee Fascist Dictatorship of Daugavpivia Feburary–20 March 2018 Abolished
(Unknown) President First Daugavpivian Republic 20 March–21 August 2018
Daniil Hrisanov National President Provisional National Government of Daugavpivia 21–30 August 2018
(vacant) National President Provisional National Government of Daugavpivia 30 August 2018 – 28 February 2019 No micronational activity
Izyaslav Tokarev Tokarist Leader Second People's Republic of Daugavpivia 28 February 2019 – 27 May 2020
(Unknown) President Republic of Daugavpivia 27 May–13 December 2020
Regency Council Regent Principality of Daugavpivia 13 December 2020–after 11 April 2021
(Unknown) Grand Duke Principality of Daugavpivia1 after 11 April–19 June 2021 Last head of state

^1 Although allegedly ruled by a Grand Duke during that period, the state was never renamed to "Grand Duchy of Daugavpivia".

Administrative divisions

Daugavpivia was divided into 7 regions (Daugavpivian: области (oblasti, pl.); област (oblast, sg.)):

  • Ново-Благоевска област (Novo-Blagoevska oblast)
  • Карловска област (Karlovska oblast)
  • Живковградска област (Živkovgradska oblast)
  • Старо-Делчевска област (Staro-Delčevska oblast)
  • Йоханнесбаумска област (Johannesbaumska oblast)
  • Тосно-Драгударска област (Tosno-Dragudarska oblast)
  • Димитровградска област (Dimitrovgradska oblast)

These regions were further divided into 33 communities (Daugavpivian: общини (obštini, pl.); община (obština, sg.)).