Holy Leader of Pontunia

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The Holy Leader of Pontunia, formerly known as Ecumenical Patriarch of Arbyism, is appointed by the Pontunian Throne with help of the Council of Pontunian Faiths "to produce works of theology and philosophy, to record oral traditions which may otherwise be lost, to write commentaries on and guides to sacred texts and works of philosophy, to officiate Pontunian Religious Functions and to assess in accordance with their own views different ideas and traditions".

Holy Leader of Pontunia
Pontifex Maximus Pontunium
Edmund I

since 3 January 2022
StyleHis/Her Holiness
AppointerKing of Pontunia
Term length6 months
Inaugural holderAndronicus I
Formation19 December 2020

Title and Election

The Holy Leader is styled Holy Leader ____ , Pontifex Maximus.

The Holy Leader is appointed by the Council of Pontunian Faiths from the religious population of Pontunia and serves for 6 months.


The Holy Leader was originally the Leader of the defunct religion of The Cult of the Hidden Arby's. On 16 November 2021, the position was reformed and the Cult was disbanded for being considered "jocular", and also to allow for religious minorities in Pontunia a voice to be heard in the predominatly Roman Catholic Population.


Ecumenical Patriarch of Arbyism

The Cult of the Hidden Arby's, also known as Meatism was a dualistic religion based around Arby’s, and Seven Sages; Andronicus, Who also served as the only Patriarch, Rogerian, Shinobius, Trumpius Maximus, Rossio, Viridiens, and Lonk. The religion was named after Arby’s, the restaurant chain, with The RBible is the highest text, with the Book of Meat as a companion/expansion of the former. The organization of the religeon was similar to the Catholic Church, with a Head and miscellaneous clergymen. Unlike most denominations of Christianity, Women could be members of the clergy, however this never happened. After the dissolution of Arbyism as an organized institution, the office of Ecumenical Patriarch was dissolved, and Andronicus I was laicized, decreasing the Sages down to Six. Rogerian is the de jure head of the Cult, but has not Claimed that status. The Arbyist church of New Cathay, Pontunia is the only remaining church, with its priest being the de facto head of Arbyism.

# Picture Honorific name Nationality Appointed Left Office Notes
1 Andronicus I Pontunian 19 December 2020 16 November 2021
- "Cathisus I" Cathayan 16 November 2021 Incumbent Only remaining member of the Arbyist "Clergy". de facto head of the Cult, only active member.
2 Demetrius I Pontunian 16 November 2021 3 January 2022 First Holy Leader. First Pagan. Disappeared sometime in December.
3 Edmund I Pontunian 3 January 2022 23 February 2022 Second Catholic. Resigned to run for office.