People's Republic of Crudaith

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People's Republic of Crudaith
L flag5.png
Crudaith coat of arms test.png
State emblem

National Anthem of Crudaith
Mount Florida and St.Kilda
Official language(s)English, Scottish Gaelic
GovernmentSocialist State
- PremierLewi
Established11 March 2014
Disestablished22 April 2014
Area claimed450km2
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneGMT

The People's Republic of Crudaith was a micronation located in Mount Florida and an island group called St. Kilda.



On 11 March 2014, a micronation was established with the name of "Crudaith". A few days after Crudaith was founded, the country invaded an island group called St. Kilda renaming it to "Mondadh"


Shortly after its founding, Crudaith was facing an internal power struggle which meant the temporary end of the nation. And so after only one month of the micronation's founding, the original government was ousted and replaced with another in its place, the Chen Dynasty.

Establishment of "New Crudaith"

After a long period of peace, the Chen Dynasty soon began to crumble. Several regions made unsuccessful attempts to secede, and in the midst of the chaos, the original leader of Crudaith took control again, but did not restore it to the way it was before. It was restored as a Republic with a Democratic system, and so now there are two split parts of the nation's history. There is the People's Republic of Crudaith or "Old Crudaith", and the Crudaith after the restoration, sometimes called "New Crudaith", and Haiyang lu was renamed back to Mondadh.