Cody Joshua I of Fundy

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Cody Joshua I
President of Fundy People's Republic
Reign December 4-Present
Elected for life July 27, 2013
Political views Libertarian
Full Name
Cody Joshua Ferris
Born 20 August 1992 (1992-08-20) (age 28)
Religion Eastern Orthodox

'Cody Joshua Ferris, President of the People's Republic of Fundy; born in Saint John, New Brunswick,Canada, 20 August 1992) is the eternal leader of The People's Republic of Fundy Commonwealth of Fundy

President of Fundy

On July 27, 2013, Cody Ferris was came into office as the Eternal President of Fundy. His role as president is to serve the economic & social well-being of the Fundy Republic.

Personal Interests

Cody Joshua Ferris

Titles and honours


The King’s current title is simply King of Fundy with the style His Majesty.

Royal and State Orders received

  • Lord and Master (and Knight) of the Order of Pocologan
  • Grandmaster of the Order of Waweig
  • Commander-in-chief of Fundy Royal Militia.