Kingdom of Cattolia

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The Kingdom of Cattolia

The flag of Cattolia
Motto: Pig Latin: ailha heta ingka
CapitalLos Gatos
Official languagesPig Latin, English
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy


The current monarch is Louis Von Pakenwald. Under his reign the country's economy has begun to collapse. He has allowed reforms and voting is now allowed to a broader scope of citizens. In the Cattolian system, there is a hierarchy and only the upper and middle class citizens are given the right to vote. Previously only the elite upper classes were allowed to vote for the purely advisory body that surrounds him.


Cattolia was founded by Mark Von Pakenwald in 1958 in New York City.

Cattolia has never been involved in any sort of war, and has been controlled by three monarchs thus far. The nation's economy has long been on thin ice, as they have no source of income. In 2008, when the stock market crashed, their fragile economy was completely destroyed and Heinrich von Pakenwald defended his throne after a failed attempted coup by pro republican forces.

After the failed coup, the army was reinstated and freedom of the press was abolished. Heinrich died in 2009, leaving his son to take over. While Louis allowed minor reforms, the military continued to implement harsh rules and the freedom of the press has yet to be restored.