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Awen Islands

Great Albert Island, the capital, in 2017.
A map of the Awen Islands.

2Official Flag of the Awen Islands.png
Capital cityGreat Albert Island
Largest cityAttenborough Island
Established4 October 2017
Population0 (2017 census)

The Awen Islands, also known as Aweny, are a group of islands in the Isles of Pagues, United Kingdom. It consists of Attenborough Island and Great Albert Island, the capital, because Attenborough Island is a tidal island. Meaning it frequently disappears at high tide, and reappears at low tide, this making Great Albert the most hospitable island in the archipelago, which Fedora Firewood, the ministerial captain, deemed most suitable for a capital. Twigg Firewood is currently serving as lord druid of the Awen Islands.

Great Albert Island, as well as Koko's Point, displayed on the right side of the image.