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Republic of Apachiland
Democratic Apachistan 2.pngApachea Coat of Arms.png

Una Sumus! (English: Together we Stand)
Apache (Orchestral Version), by Apachiland Orchestra
Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Capital cityApachea
Largest cityApachea
Official language(s)English
Short nameApachiland
GovernmentParliament of Apachiland
- PresidentJack Cooper
- Vice PresidentAngus Dunn
EstablishedApril 4th 2017
Area claimed20m²
CurrencyApachan Pound
Time zone(UTC)
National sportRugby Union
National animalGolden Pheasant
This nation is a member of the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation

The Republic of Apachiland, more commonly known as Apachiland, is a micronation located in the South of Warwickshire, claiming a small patch of grass in the settlement of Lower Quinton, but with a ceremonial claim over a stretch of land that goes from Meon Vale to Ettington and South to Tredington and an exclave of the market town of Shipston upon Stour

The Republic of Apachiland is a Unitary Unicameral Parliamentary Republic that holds a President and Vice President as the heads of government and of state. It was originally a Monarchy under the two kings Apache I and Cooper I, with a time of being a diarchy when both kings held control

Apachiland is a member of the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation with the President of Apachiland holding a post as a member of the Committee of the Defence Forces. Apachiland also founded the Micronational Congressional Union in 2020 which it holds permanent membership on the MCU Council due to its founding status


Apachiland derives from a discussion between the original founders about Native Americans, originally called Apachistan the name was reworked to Apachiland a few days after the founding of the nation to better reflect the culture of the nation



Founded on April 4th 2017, Apachiland laid claim to a small area of grass near to the house of one of the founders who would become King Apache I

The first election was held on April 8th 2017 with Jack Cooper being elected as the President of the then Kingdom of Apachiland in a landslide victory with a huge majority of 84.3 percent of the nation voting for him.

Apachan Civil War

On Boxing Day (26 December) 2017 the King of Apachiland undertook a Monarchist Coup d'état and took over the Apachiland Government. The then President Cooper responded by sending a diplomatic request to forfeit his claim as the leader of Apachiland. The King refused and declared war on the now called Free Apachiland. On the 27/12/17 the King took control over the mainland. On 01/01/18 the Loyalist Army started a 3-day siege on the capital leading to the Capture of the Capital and eventually lead to the King's surrender on the fifth of January 2018. The war was fought with airsoft guns over the course of the civil war

The civil war ended with the Apachan Treaty on the eighth of January, 2018 the President, King Apache I, Chief of Army and MP's met in the Apachan House of Commons to discuss the Peace Treaty at the end of the Apachan Civil War. It was ruled that the King Apache I shall be stripped of all power and be made a figurehead and that King Apache I will not be able to take Government roles unless he abdicated.

The treaty ruled that the formation of an Absolute Monarchy was against the wishes of the Apachan People and that the King would have to denounce any notion of the formation of that institution.

Abdication of the King and The Restructuring Period

On the afternoon of May 10th 2020 King Apache I announced his abdication of the throne, this was extremely unexpected and prompted a crisis that ended on the 20th May 2020. The King severed all ties to the Kingdom leaving the crisis to be dealt with by the President and Chancellor. With no clear solution in sight the President and Chancellor both agreed a referendum should be held to determine whether the Kingdom of Apachiland should continue to sport a Monarchy

On the 12th of May 2020 President Cooper and Vice President Dunn began the process of restructuring the Apachan Parliament during the crisis. The restructuring was completed on the 15th May 2020.

Referendum Results

On the 13th May 2020 the results of the referendum were announced with 57.1% of the population voting in favour of the Republic.

After a period of around two weeks the constitution was rewrote to the standards of the modern day republic and was ratified by parliament on the 21st May 2020.

Politics and government

The Government of Apachiland currently comprises a group of Independent MPs that includes the President, Vice President, The Cabinet and MPs

President of Apachiland

The President of Apachiland is the highest position in Apachiland, it is an elected role that is voted on by the Apachan people, with the president being able to have an unlimited amount of terms lasting 4 years each

The Current President is The Right Honourable Jack Cooper

Vice President of Apachiland

The Vice President of Apachiland is the 2nd highest position in Apachiland, it is an elected role that is voted on by the President and Cabinet of Apachiland after a Presidential election has occurred, this is also a role that is able to have an unlimited amount of terms lasting 4 years each

The Current Vice President is The Right Honourable Angus Dunn

Cabinet of Apachiland

The Apachan Cabinet is the Government body comprised of the Ministers of Apachiland, as well as the President, Vice-President

The Current Cabinet holds the following members:

President: The Right Honourable Jack Cooper

Vice President: The Right Honourable Angus Dunn

Chancellor of the Exchequer: The Right Honourable Con Hopkins

Minister for Foreign Affairs: The Right Honourable Mac Gallagher

Defence and War Secretary: The Right Honourable Jake Stevens

General Attorney of Apachiland: The Right Honourable Franz Emmanuelson

Foreign relations

The Republic of Apachiland holds foreign relations with the following micronations, in 2 different ways the first is that an embassy is located in either the other nation or within Apachiland, the second is that foreign delegate status is held within the micronations


  • Arsalania flag.jpegPeoples Republic of Arsalania (Embassy Established 15/08/20), Embassy located in Apachiland
  • GaplaFlagGoodQuality.pngThe Federated States of Gapla (Embassy Established 1/06/20), Embassies located in both nations
  • Confederationgreaterprincia.jpgPrincipality of Greater Princia (Embassy Established 27/07/20), Embassy located in Apachiland
  • New State Flag of Sunseva.pngThe Maple Republic (Embassy Established 27/07/20), Embassies located in both nations

The Monmarkian Empire (Embassy Established 26/10/20), Embassies located in both nations

  • ValastanFlag.pngImperial Republic of Valastan (Embassy Established 24/08/20), Embassy located in Apachiland

The Crowned Republic of Yu-Xia (Embassy Established 03/09/20), Embassies located in both nations

Foreign Diplomat Status

Apachiland also holds foreign diplomat status in the following nations, as well as those that are on the embassy list, these are the nations that we hold solely foreign diplomat status in or they solely hold foreign diplomat status in Apachiland

  • Tekronvodia.jpegKingdom of Ticronvidia, Has Foreign Diplomat status in Apachiland
  • Antonian Empire.pngThe Antonian Empire, Apachiland has Foreign Diplomat status
  • Flag of Georgienstine.jpgSocial Republic of Georgienstine, Apachiland has Foreign Diplomat Status

Former Foreign Relations

Apachiland has had previous Foreign Relations that for various reasons are no longer standing

The Forwardalist Republic of EastAsia, Foreign Diplomat status and Embassy revoked due to comments made by the diplomat

The State of Siersland, Nation was dissolved, the Embassy remains in remembrance of the nation due to the ties between the nations

The Concord Republic of Amitia, Nation was dissolved


Apachiland Armed Forces (AAF)
FoundedApril 5th, 2017
Service branchesArmy (ALF)

Navy (ARN)

Air Force (ARAF)

Special Forces (ASF)
HeadquartersAAF HQ, Apachea
Commander in ChiefPresident Jack Cooper
Minister of Defence and WarGeneral Jake Stevens
Chief of the Armed ForcesField Marshall Franz Emmanuelson
ConscriptionNone Currently
Active personnel10
Reserve personnel5
Deployed personnel0

The Apachan Armed Forces (AAF) is the complete name of the Apachan Military which consists of the Army (ALF), Navy (ARN), the Air Force (ARAF) and the Apachan Special Forces (ASF). The Apachan Armed Forces are based on the video game platform Arma 3.


The Apachan Land Force (ALF) is a land based Military Army which is trained for Land combat. They are primarily used for Home Defence as well Intervention in Neighboring countries. They are also sent out in small portions for Humanitarian Aid in overseas countries. The Chief of the Army is currently Field Marshall Franz Emmanuelson of the 1st Apachan Regiment.


The Apachan Royal Navy (AN) is the Marine-based section of the AAF. The Apachan Navy has two subsections, The Apachan Marine Service (AMS) and the Apachan Naval Air Force (ANAF). The current Chief of the Navy is Lord High Admiral William Rose.

Apachan Marine Service

The AMS is a highly trained Marine Infantry Force trained specifically for invading Overseas Nations by the sea. They are also occasionally used as Garrisons in Allied Countries.

Apachan Naval Air Force

The ANAF are the Naval Variant of the ARAF and specialize in Naval Air Combat where supplies are limited. They are used rarely due to the lack of need.

Air Force

The Apachan Republican Air Force are the Air Section of the AAF and are a highly trained force. They are primarily used when invading neighboring countries and are sometimes kept in airbases in Allied Countries. The current Chief of the Air Service is Air Chief Marshal Cormac Gallagher.

Apachan Special Forces

The ASF are an extremely secretive and extremely well trained Land, Sea and Air Force capable of deploying anywhere in the world within a four-day notice.


The Apachan Air Service is the most well trained and one of the most secretive Special Forces in the AAF and are rarely sent out into duty.


The Apachan Boat Service is a highly trained Marine Service capable of deploying anywhere in the world within a four-day notice. They are only sent into duty if there is a high need.


The ? Service is a mostly classified branch of the Apachan Armed Forces. The force has never had it's name revealed publicly and is shrouded in mystery. It was only on the Sixth of January, 2018 (The day after the Apachan Civil War ended) That the public found out that it existed when the President commended a Special Force which he said, 'Could not be named due to the interests of National Security and the security of the members of the regiment'. This service is based entirely on the Platform Arma 3consists of the Army (ALF), Navy (ARN), the Air Force (ARAF) and the Apachan Special Forces (ASF). The armed forces are based on the video game platform Arma 3.

Culture and Media


Apachiland holds many different national symbols

The National Animal is the Fox Kestrel

The National Dish is the Roast Dinner

The National Drink is Guinness


Apachiland has 3 media outlets

Apachan Broadcasting Company


The New Perspective

All of these operate as discord news channels that any member of the discord server can access