Aaron I, Emperor of Sprinska

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Tsar Aaron I of Kaltarsia
Tsar of Kaltarsia
Assumed office:
22 March 2023-26 November 2023
Taoiseach Vacant
Predecessor position established
Emperor of Kaltarsia
in office:
1 March 2023-21 March 2023
Predecessor position established
Successor position abolished
Kaiser of the Sprinske Republic
in office:
16 January 2023-26 February 2023
Predecessor position established
Successor position dissolved
Emperor of the Sprinske Empire
in office:
30 October 2020-16 January 2023
(abdicated on 12 January, but original replacement was illegitimate)
24 August 2023-present
Predecessor position established
Successor Emperor Aaron II (Second Sprinska Empire)
Prime Minister of the Sprinske Communist Republic
in office:
14 August 2020-29 October 2020
King Zachary I
Predecessor position established
Successor Prime Minister Blake Smith
Personal information
Born 22 March 2009 (2009-03-22) (age 14)
Religion Roman Catholic

Aaron I, Emperor of Sprinska, Head of State of Hokoria, is the current Emperor of the Sprinske Empire, Head of State of the State of Hokoria. The former of which is his longest micronational endeavour, initially from 30 October 2020 to 12 January 2023, then from 24 August 2023 to present.

Aaron’s first known micronation was the Republic of Donkrea, of which he served as Taoiseach for the entirety of the nation’s existence from 2018-2020.

Micronational Career

Emperor Aaron I created an early version of a micronation as far back as June 2017. The nation was never very serious, especially considering the fact that it was created in Windsor, Canada despite the fact that he was only in Canada for 16 days before he went back home to Scotland. This micronation has mostly been lost to history, but it undoubtedly paved the way for the micronations that followed. Aaron then created some other nations throughout 2017 and 2018 in order to get a better idea of how to run a micronation. All of these have been lost to history, but eventually, he was ready to start a proper micronation.

Republic of Donkrea

Aaron and a group of friends declared the Republic of Donkrea in late 2018. It was intended to be a democracy, but due to the low number of citizens, in actuality, it functioned more like a dictatorship. The Republic of Donkrea was the first country of what would later be known as the Kolniari Sector, and it was also the shortest lasting one. In August of 2020, a local communist tribe took interest in Donkrea and wanted to have their own nation, Aaron taught them about micronationalism and eventually agreed to merge with them, as it would mean that Donkrea’s population would quadruple. He later stated that agreeing to the deal was the worst mistake he ever made and that dissolving Donkrea to become the Sprinske Communist Republic was like ‘giving up a diamond for a rock.’ He would later bring the Republic of Donkrea back in 2023 after the nation was part of Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba. The Republic of Donkrea eventually became the Feudalist Righdom of Donkrea.

Sprinske Communist Republic

The Sprinske Communist Republic was founded in August 2020 after the local communist tribe merged with the original Republic of Donkrea. At the time, this appeared to be a good deal for both sides, the communist tribe would become a legitimate nation and Donkrea would increase its population and land. Donkrea became a legal entity of the Sprinske Communist Republic along with Corneria, Marxtown and the former capital of Donkrea, New Riga. The leader of the communist tribe, Zachary Stewart, became King Zachary I of the Sprinske Communist Republic while Aaron became Prime Minister, although there was a key difference between the two that some people attribute to the collapse of the Sprinske Communist Republic: Zachary was a communist and Aaron was a socialist, and although the two ideologies appear to be similar, they have fundamental differences that may have caused the nation to dissolve. Aaron has described the Sprinske Communist Republic as ‘the worst micronation in history’ and ‘a nation of war criminals’ in retrospect, mostly because of the nation’s ‘secret police’ who were known to be violent at times when people insulted the government.

Banana Uprising

On 27 October 2020, King Zachary’s brother, Prince Gregor of Marxtown staged a rebellion in an attempt to seize the throne from his older brother. He and two of his supporters stormed the Red Colosseum, due to his limited numbers, Gregor couldn’t expand the fighting into other places such as New Riga or the Province of Donkrea, so the rebellion would occur mostly within Corneria. A few days prior to the uprising, there was a peaceful protest in New Riga that was shut down by the army, but it had caused a lot of the soldiers to refuse to fight for the King in the Banana Uprising, leaving the weakened army of 6, which included King Zachary and Prime Minister Aaron. The army was small, and therefore meant that Gregor could have a chance to win. Gregor and his supporters marched into the Red Colosseum and declared a new government with Gregor acting as King. The Sprinske Communist Army then showed up and began clashing with Gregor and his supporters. Gregor then hit Zachary in the face with a banana, a part of the battle often satirised by Kolniari MicroBall or in Sprinske War Music. It’s unknown why the banana being thrown has become the most well remembered aspect of the battle, but the image of it became popular within the Sprinske Empire when the nation became independent.

After the battle ended, Prime Minister Aaron left the battlefield to meet with the leader of the army and the deserters as he knew that the nation would not last for very long even if it won the Banana Uprising. Meanwhile, Gregor and his supporters, having successfully captured the Red Colosseum began moving towards the Palace. The battle was now 5 against 3 and it’s believed that if Gregor had taken the battle outside, he most likely would have a much better chance of winning, but he instead charged into the palace, where the army soon surrounded and regained control. After his supporters surrendered, the army charged into the colosseum, and Zachary located the banana that Gregor had thrown at him, then shoved the banana down Gregor’s throat as a show of strength. Even though the Banana Uprising failed, it caused instability that paved the way for the Sprinske Revolution.

Sprinske Revolution

A few days after the Banana Uprising, on 30 October 2020, the Sprinske Communist Republic held a Halloween party, as Prime Minister Aaron could not attend on 31 October as he was travelling to Edinburgh that day. At the Halloween party, Aaron was dressed as Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, and to get into character, he was selling plastic cutlery and 'gold' chains made from Christmas beads. King Zachary approached the Prime Minister and ordered the army to arrest him for charges of capitalism, in response to this, Aaron and his supporters marched into the capital city, Corneria, and began clashing with the army, kicking off the Sprinske Revolution. After the rebels won an initial victory in the city of Marxtown, King Zachary and his newly appointed Prime Minister, Blake Smith, organised a new plan which would involve the two of them and two guards marching towards New Riga, this was so that the rebels would chase them believing them to be outnumbered, but the main force was waiting in the capital city to ambush the rebels.