Democratic Virtual Republic of 1939

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Democratic Virtual Republic of 1939

Demo Republic of 1939

República Virtual de 1939

Regio est cum spe futuræ
Capital city Berlín de 1939
Largest city Berlín de 1939
Official language(s) Spanish, English
Government Democratic Republic
- Supreme Director Ronald San Martín
- President Ronald San Martín
- Vicepresident Mathias Telius
Established 15 September 2016
Population 8 citizens, 6000 virtual habitants. Virtual Habitants are from MyMiniCity
Member of the Great Micronational Alliance and the Organización of Free Micronations

The Virtual Democratic Republic of 1939, commonly 1939 or Demo Republic, is a sovereign virtual nation who wants to "redefine the nation concept who all we have". This is an innovative nation, who search and create for a micronational vanguard. They want to build an real and serious micronationalism.



The history of 1939 starts very far, in 2007. But in these moment, never was a micronation, it really was a very small game.

1939 started like it is when Romaco is founded in 2015, a state city with limitated government and independence. The founders was Ronald San Martín, Magdiel Cor and Cristoto Maurtin. The city name was an acronym of these names. In his peak, it administered two cities: Romaco and Paname. But the time destroyed the nation, and 3 times the founders tried to rebuild it. Finally, bored, they pass Romaco to MyMiniCity, a webpage to create cities.

Virtual Cities Alliance (6-15 September 2016)

In September 6, Ronald San Martín wanted to saw the city. Surprisingly, never growed in MyMiniCity in all a year. So he don't knew what to do, until he finded a forum the same day.

That forum was from the OMU, the United Micronations.

Since that moment, San Martín decided build a United Nations of MyMiniCity cities. That was the "Alianza Micro Urbana Virtual (AMU)" in Spanish (and Virtual Cities Alliance in English), and the most short period of the history of 1939.

The same day (September 6) Romaco and a new city created for Cristoto Maurtin called "Berlín of 1939", founded the AMU. But the AMU wasn't effective much time. And the AMU city states decided to unite in a most higher position...

Mayorship (15 September - 6 December)

In September 15, Ronald San Martín decided to put end to the AMU, and decided to build a micronation. So he created a WordPress blog, following many sites about micronationalism. The Micronation was named "the Excellent Intercomunal Mayorship of Berlin and Romaco of 1939" or shortened "Mayorship of 1939". The micronation maintained the organization of old periods.