Zeelandiensk Bank

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Zeelandiensk Bank AB
Limited Company
PredecessorCentral Peoples Bank of Zealandia
Founded9 March 2013
Area served
Global, primarily Zealandia.
ServicesInvestment and retail banking
OwnerZealandian Government

Zeelandiensk Bank AB (Swedish for Zealandian Bank AB) is a large Zealandian multinational bank in the Commonwealth of Zealandia.

Foundation of the bank

The bank was founded or split from the Central Peoples Bank of Zealandia on the afternoon of March 9, 2013 after the dissolving of the Central Economic Commission of Zealandia as part of a new economic program.

Zealandian Consumer products


ZEKORT and ZEKONTO (English:ZECARD and ZEACCOUNT)are the bank's primary consumer products.


ZEKORT, is a card that allows a customer to make easy withdrawals from any branch of the bank and participating other banks by presenting the card and Personal Identification Number (PIN)to the terminal operator.


ZEKONTO is the bank's everyday savings account for citizens and residents of Zealandia and is notable for having no account fees.

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