Zealandian Watch

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Zealandian Watch
Lagmän av Zeelandien
Løgmaner af Zålandien

Zealandian Watch corporate logo.png

Med lag skall land byggas

ZW Logo and Motto

Founded March 2, 2010
Headquarters Olof Palmestorget 1, Tyrshavn
General nature Law enforcement
Civilian police
Commissioner Anna Lindström

Local Area Command (LAC) (Uniform)

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) (Detectives)

Office of the Commissioner (OCC)

General information
Jurisdiction Zealandia
Standard weapon Baton

The Zealandian Watch or ZW (Zealandian:Løgmaner af Zålandien, Swedish:Lagmän av Zeelandien Irish:Garda Síochána na Séanlainnail) is the Law Enforcement Agency of the Commonwealth of Zealandia. It is responsible for enforcing criminal law, ensuring public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace within Zealandia.


The ZW, then called the Royal Zealandia Constabulary was established on March 2, 2010 as the sole law enforcement agency of the Kingdom of Zealandia.

The then Home Minister Socks Alexandria made a ruling that the RZC was to be a unarmed police service much like New Zealand Police or The Metropolitan Police Service

Anna Lindström was appointed as the First Chief Constable on March 2, 2010.

On July 16, 2010 it announced that a review into the RZC and The Customs and Borders Police Service regarding operational areas and functions of said forces.

On August 1, 2012, during the Winter Revolution the RZC was the last organisation to defect to the republic's side and was subsequently renamed as the "Federal Zealandian Constabulary".

In January 2014 the organisation was renamed to the Zealandian Watch, previously having been named the Federal Zealandian Watch.


in descending order:

  • Commissioner - Vaktmanchef
  • Deputy Commissioner - Vaktman Överintendent
  • Superintendent - Kommissarie (DSU)
  • Chief Inspector - Överinspektor (DCI)
  • Inspector - Inspektor (DI)
  • Watchman - Övervaktman (DW)
  • Guardian of the peace (Guard) - Vaktman (DG)

Note: Detective is a prefix not a rank eg: if a detective transfers to a uniform unit they will lose the Detective or D prefix or A Detective Constable Has the same powers as a uniformed Guard.


The ZW divides its operational area into local area commands, which, in turn, report to one of the deputy commissioners.

Zealandian Watch Coat of Arms.

A division has its own Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which handles all investigations except very specialist operations and serious crimes(e.g murder), for which experienced specialist officers from the ZW's headquarters were called in.


The Zealandian Watch's duties include:

  • Maintaining and restoring law and order:
    • Crowd control
    • Policing
  • Pursuing and apprehending fugitives
  • Ceremonial duties

Emblem of Zealandia.png