Zealandian Media Group AB

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Zealandian Media Group AB (Zeelandien Media Grupp AB)
Aktiebolag (Zealandia)
FoundedNovember 27, 2012
Area served
Key people
Charlotte Lindstrom (CEO and Chair)
ProductsMedia products
OwnerCharlotte Lindstrom

Zealandian Media Group AB (SE Zeelandien Media Grupp AB) was a media company operating within the Commonwealth of Zealandia.

Foundation and CEC Registration

The idea for Zealandian Media Group AB came to Charlotte Lindstrom after criticisms where levelled against her editorial policies regarding The Zealandian Gazette, which the Zealandian Government announced would function as of November 30 as the Government's sole gazette and record announcement service.
Zealandia Media Group AB received permission to operate and registration from the Zealandian Central Economic Commission on the 27th of November 2012 at the registered address of 1 Olof Palme Square.


Following the Red April Revolution in 2016 the Zealandian Government nationalised the company into the People's Central Publishing Works.

Product Range

The only product produced was the Zealandian Guardian a left leaning newspaper.