Republic of Zanregard

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Republic of Zanregard

Arte et Labore
(Latin: By Art and by Labor)
The Internationale
Location in North America
Capital cityZanregard
Largest cityZanregard
Official language(s)English
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic (de jure)
Autocracy (de facto)
- PresidentZane Bowles
LegislatureHigh Council
Area claimed2.7 Square Miles
CurrencyZanregardian Fruble (FRB)
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)
National sportRugby
National animalWhite-tailed Deer

Zanregard (IPA: /zænrəgɑrd/), also officially known as the Republic of Zanregard, is a self-declared sovereign state in North America defined by most external observers as a micronation. It is a presidential republic comprising of a single territory.

Zanregard is bordered by the United States of America. The nations economy is socialist, however, the national economy of Zanregard is still heavily reliant on the neighboring United States.

Zanregard officially seceded from the United States in 2009. The politics of Zanregard has been dominated by the left-wing, with the Communist Party of Zanregard having held the majority of elected positions for most of Zanregardian history. In addition to its left-wing leanings, Zanregard has a strong tradition of full egalitarianism.


"Zanregard" comes from several words. "Zan" comes from the primary founding father of the grand nation, Zane Bowles. "Re" is a shorten form of "regarding." Finally, "Gard" comes from Asgard, the Nordic home of the gods. This means that the glorious leader regards Zanregard as a great nation of people, ever progressing towards a wonderful future.



The early days of Zanregardian history were very rough. In the mid-spring of 2009, three young men by the names of Zane Bowles, Cory Miller, and Jeffrey Parker first heard of an ideology known as communism. Completely enthralled, the trio did more research, reading through literature and papers. Blown away by the works of Marx and Engels, they decided to take the land that belonged to the family of Bowles, and secede from the United States. Of course, none of them knew how to run a government different from that of their homeland, so they first decided to emulate it. The people elected Zane Bowles as their first President, and looked into the future with high hopes.

Early Days

This high hopes however, did not last for long. In 2010, personal matters caused both Miller and Parker to leave their lovely nation-child. Now alone and with no High Council to help him rule, he had to take matters into his own hands. Bowles quickly instituted a system of instant-runoff voting, a powerful federal government, egalitarianism, isolationism, and secularism. The true Zanregardian state way of life was officially formed, no longer emulating that of the USA.

2013 Coup

Zanregard continued in this manner for some time, with a new High Council in power to form the laws. In October 2013, however, something disastrous happened. A capitalist had gained power in the High Council. Not giving it much thought, the President allowed this. Two weeks later, the tyrant known as Victor Parmelau gained power through a coup d'etat. Parmelau's right wing policies were nothing like what the original trio had envisioned. He instituted a full laissez-faire economy, took away abortion rights, homosexual marriage rights, and even attempted to hand Zanregard back to the United States government.

Not one to stand by and watch, one month later in November, through a series of espionage and sabotage, Zane Bowles regained his rightful title. Opposed to the penalty of death, Bowles banished Parmelau and his supporters from ever interfering with Zanregard again.

Current Day

In fear of anything like that happening again, Bowles declared martial law inside of Zanregard. The High Council was given a now completely advisory position, with full power going to the President. In June 2014, President Bowles announced that the Zanregardian policy of isolationism would come to an end. Zanregard now hopes to find new allies to help the grand nation prosper as much as possible.

Government and Politics

The Republic of Zanregard is a unitary presidential republic. The President holds total executive power, with the judicial and legislative power going to the High Council. The High Council can introduce and strike down laws, give pardons, or sentence punishments. However, in 2013, President Bowles declared martial law, giving him full power, and the High Council pegged down to an advisory position.