Zack Janczura

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Zack J.

Chancellor of the Republic of NZRE
In office
4 August 2016—incumbent
Preceded by Position established

Born 11 January 2004 (2004-01-11) (age 15)
Mountain View, California
Nationality Republic of NZRE
Residence Zulus, NZRE

Zack J. (born 11 January 2004) is a current Chancellor of the Republic of NZRE, serving since the country was founded on 4 August 2016. He is currently serving alongside Chancellor Nathan Holmes-King.

Early life

Zack was born on 11 January 2004 in Mountain View, California. He attended preschool and went to Warwick Elementary for primary school. During secondary school, he moved to Thornton Junior High School and now attends American High School, both of which are located in Fremont. In August 2004, Zack met Nathan Holmes-King. They soon became good friends, and remain good friends to this date.

Republic of NZRE

Nathan and Zack founded the Republic of NZRE (then known as the NZRE Empire) on 4 August 2016, although it had existed as a fantasy micronation since 2014. In the early days of the country, the Chancellors did not set international recognition as their goal; however, this has since changed. In January 2018, the Republic of NZRE joined the League of Micronations.

Film career

Zack is currently producing Data Disaster, an upcoming animated short film that is not currently scheduled for release. It was originally written by Zack as a short story, and is now being adapted into a film.

Personal life

Zack has a younger sister, Rachel, that served in NZRE Parliament and currently serves as a Judge in the Supreme Court of NZRE. Zack is passionate about micronationalism and government. He hopes that NZRE will become a prominent micronation and gain international recognition.