People's Reactionary State of Yurtyzstan

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People's Reactionary State of Yurtyzstan

Capital cityQsaahar (de facto)
GovernmentAnti-communist government-in-exile
- PresidentFelix Yurtzhinsky
EstablishedJune 14, 2011

The People's Reactionary State of Yurtyzstan is a government-in-exile established by Felix Yurtzhinsky after his expulsion from the government of the Democratic People's Republic of Yurtyzstan.

On 13 June 2011, after Yurtzhinsky announced the formation of the People's Reactionary Party, Supreme Potentate J.J. Hakimoto relieved him of the position of Despot (second-in-command). The Yurtyzstani Workers' Party soon followed suit, revoking Yurtzhinsky's Party membership. The Supreme People's Assembly then approved a motion of no-confidence in Yurtzhinsky, expelling him from the legislature and the People's Defence and Expansionary Forces where he was Admiral. Fearing further reprisals, Yurtzhinsky fled Yurtyzstan.

Yurtzhinsky traveled to the Free Zone of the Longhouse Kingdom, where opposition was brewing against the Yurtyzstani rule of the Occupied Zone. He declared a Yurtyzstani government-in-exile, backed by the People's Reactionary Party in Yurtyzstan, and began aiding the Longhouse Kingdom rebellion.