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Fiefdom and Lordship of Yuillmont
300px-flag-of-Yuill.svg.png500px-Wolfenschiessen-coat of arms.svg.png

Longum Noster Memoria
(Latin: Our memory is long)
Capital cityMeath
Largest cityMeath
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)various
Short nameYuillmont
GovernmentFeudal Fiefdom
- LordKyle Flynn
LegislatureCourt of Common Council
Area claimed1km²
Population8 (as of 2017)
CurrencyYule coin
Time zone(UTC)
National sportswimming
National animalGrey Wolf
Patron saintSt. Brigid of Kildare

The Fiefdom and Lordship of Yuillmont is a micronation founded on February 9, 2015.


Yuillmont was founded as a fiefdom of the United Kingdom in 2015 by Kyle Flynn. However, after having not received recognition from the U.K., Yuillmont was made a semi-sovereign nation with a government and feudal system.


The Yuillmont derives from two words, Yuill (or Yule) a word relating to christmas and nordic holy days. The word "mont" derives from the french word for mountain, thus holy mountain.

Government and politics

Yuillmont is a feudal nation, the Lord of Yuillmont, nominally selected by a liege, is the ruler. All appointments are filled by the Lord of Yuillmont and serve at his pleasure. The Lord's officers are ministers who manage sectors of government. The High Steward manages the Lord's court and logistical affairs. The High Steward is second only to the Lord of Yuillmont and is his principal deputy. The Steward's symbol of office is a white staff. The High Sheriff is the fiefdom's police and military chief. The High Sheriff's symbol of office is a wood baton. The Knight Marshal is chief of army and answers to the High Sheriff, his symbol of office is a sword. Naval power is vested in the Keeper of the Coast, who's office is symbolized by a key. While, Yuillmont is a absolutist nation, the lord of Yuillmont may call all burgesses and yeoman of the fief to a Court of Common Council, which advises the Lord on matters. If the Lord should fall ill or die, the Common Council may appoint a Lord Deputy to serve until a new Lord may be appointed.

Foreign relations

Currently, Yuillmont is not recognized by any nation and Yuillmont recognizes all UN member states and their observer nations.

Law and order

Justice and dignity are granted to all subjects under the Lord's oath, the Lord's High Steward presides over judicial councils. Three offenses demand different punishments. To steal, murder, or otherwise materially/bodily harm others will result in exile. While treason and sedition are illegal, punishment is pronounced from case to case. Finally, violating other acts of law are punished in a number of way, as described by the act itself.


The military of Yuillmont is mostly ceremonial, divided in two halves the army and navy. The army is commanded by the Knight Marshal and wear blue uniforms. The navy is commanded by the Keeper of the Coast and wear white uniforms.


Currently, Yuillmont's economy is managed by the High Steward who may give instruction to burgesses and yeoman as to farming and basic guidelines about how the affairs of economics are to be done. As a feudal nation, all landowners owe their property to their lord and as such, they answer to him in all material matters.

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