Chuk Wan Shan

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Principality of Chuk Wan Shan
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Zung1 haau3, jan4 oi3, seon3 ji6, wo4 ping4
"Loyalty and Filial Piety, Charity and Kindness, Honesty and Justice, Harmony and Peace"
A Morning of the Slag Ravine
East Asia
Capital cityChuk Wan Borough
Largest cityChuk Wan Borough
Official language(s)Cantonese
Traditional Chinese
Short nameChuk Wan Shan
- PrincePrince Edward
LegislatureLegislative Council
Established2013 (Kingdom)
2017 (First Principality)
2018 (Second Principality)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Summer Time: UTC+9)

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The Principality of Principality of Chuk Wan Shan is a micronation in East-Asia