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Yaskiule's Flag
Georgia, US
and largest city
Enchanted Cup City
Official languagesEnglish & Yaskish
• (December, 2019) census
CurrencyUS Dollar & Yoings
Time zoneEST

The Kingdom of Yaskiule (Typically Shortened to "Yaskiule") is a micronational kingdom located inside the United States of America's state of Georgia. Yaskiule was originally founded on 9 October 2016 and had continued to explore and expand until dissolution. The Kingdom plays an integral part in the micronational Community startup known as the "Micronational World." The Kingdom has had a very notable alliance with the nation of Saspearian.

Yaskiule's History

King Xander I's independence from the United States of America was announced on October 6, 2016 under the micronation of "Novica." After the declaration, the Novican government went back to the government building and reconstructed the government in the Yaskish Constitution, 3 days later Novica was officially renamed to Yaskiule.

Designing Yaskiule

Yaskiule needed a lot in order to be a fully-fledged, and functional, micronation which is what had to be figured out in the constitution of Yaskiule. Yaskiule's first plan of action was to design a map to divided Yaskiule into provinces to help with navigation in Yaskiule. The first provinces consisted of Enchanted Cup City, Concrete, Grassland, Yellow, Eko Island, Pie Dancia, Garden, Woodland Enterance, and Woodland. Yaskiule then went to the task to make Yaskiule's first currency the Enchanted Coin, then going to make the official currency, the Yoing.