Spaceist Dictatorship of Xyrx

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Spaceist Dictatorship of Xyrx

Spring, Texas, USA
Short nameXyrx
- CommanderJake I
Established14 September 2014
Area claimed550 ft
CurrencyXyrx Cre
Current status: Inactive

The Spaceist Dictatorship of Xyrx, more commonly known as Xyrx, is a currently inactive micronation located in Spring, Texas. It was founded on 14 September 2014. The current leader is Commander Jake I. The official currency is the Xyrx Cre.


5xyrx.png Five Xyrxian Cres Above is an image of the official currency of Xyrx, the Cre(plural Cres).


Territory of Xyrx includes 550 ft of land in Spring, TX. They also claim the entire north pole of Mars, called the Ocean of Ice.


Xyrx-Firerock War

The Xyrx-Firerock War lasted for five days with a single battle occurring, from which Firerock emerged victorious.

Genesis War

The Genesis War is an ongoing conflict within which there have been no major military engagements.