Xavier Machines

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Xavier Machines
Millitary Company
Area served
OwnerNamsvky Co-Prosperity Sphere
Number of employees

Xavier Machines is a special arms company of the Peoples Imperial Republic of Namwua founded and owned by General of the Imperial Army and Prime Minister Ravindra Aldebaran . The headquarters of this company is located in the S.R.A (Special Region of Arcamanik) District Xavier.


In the early years of Namwua, the leader needed a Main Battle Tank for the Nawuan Army. But he did not want any foreign designs such as Leopard, the Armata, or the Abrams. So he sent out Tank Commander and General of the Imperial Army to build tanks and weapons for the Namsvky people.

All of the guns were copied versions from the original gun since it is a micronations. The first tanks to be made were the Prototype PXM-12 which is succeeded by the XM-12 Krepies.

Cooperations with Other Micronations

Halenesian Branch

With recent tensions rising, XM decided to establish a mutual realtion with Halenesia both in diplomatic ties and military ties. PM Ravindra has established a diplomatic relation with Halenesia by selling them a license to produce the Halenesian version of the XM-12 Krepies which is the JTAT Mk.IV and the Halenesian Version of the XM-HA Mk.1 which is the AMT-HA Mk.1


Xavier Machines has allegedly produced 10 weapons with 2 open for the public :

XM-HA Mk.1

The XM-HA Mk.1 Is an SPG designed and  created by Xavier Machines. It is the first SPG Design to past the requirments for the spg required in Namwua. The weapons that the SPG is fitted is a 155mm smootbore cannon with a muzzle brake.

Halenesian Version AMT-HA Mk.1

The Halenesian version was fitted with a 160mm smoothbore cannon without a muzzle brake instead of the basic 155mm with a muzzle brake.

XM-12 Krepies

This is the first MBT made by Namwua and is still in the design stage, the design is classified but it will be fitted with advance EMP technology and MPS (Missile Prevention System) with ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) placed all over the sides because namwuan economy is in its finest. It will be fitted with a 130 mm Cannon made in namwua and shells that are maxxed out in penetration. Secondary armement is classified for secrecy.

Halenesian Version JTAT Mk.IV

The Halenesian version of the XM-12 is fitted with a 120mm cannon and lighter ERA to reduce the repair and purchase costs.