Wyvernian Puppet Council elections, August 2011

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Puppet Council Elections 2011
August 1, 2011
Turnout Classified
Majority party Minority party Third party
Cpow.png PIEFLAVOUR.png CLP3.png
Leader General Soviet Bear General-Admiral Bowie Capitalist Bear
Party Communist Pie Liberal
Leader since 2011 2011 2011
Leader's seat Wyvern Behemoth Dullahan
Electoral vote 4 3 1
States carried 4 3 1
Seats won 3 2 0
Popular vote 12 11 7
Percentage 50% 38% 12%


The Puppet Council elections were introduced after a change in the Wyvernian constitution, causing the second legislative chamber members to be elected. It took place on the first of August 2011.

District System

The Wyvernian district system (first-past-the-post voting) lets each province vote and the number of provinces one gets determines the seats one gains.


The Parties that are in the elections will be:

  • Communist Party of Wyvern (CPW), they strive for a glorious Soviet Wyvern, where comrade General Soviet Bear is the Dictator of Soviet Wyvern and rules all proletariat. He wants to force everyone to become a proletariat. He sees it as his duty to make sure that the Stalinist ways come to Wyvern, although he commented that Stalin was a sissy.
  • The Conservative Liberal Party (CLP), The Centre-right liberal party, under Capitalist Bear they strive to make sure that capitalism and freedom is preserved within Wyvern, their ultimate goal is to bring a majority for the party and the WSMP-CLP-BP coalition.
  • Pie Party (PP), A non to serious party for the animals and puppets, though maybe not always serious the animals in the kingdom have united and went striving through the Pie party to gain equal rights like all humans have. General Bowie sees it as his duty to force the government to make animals and puppets equal to humans.