Wyke National Assembly

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Wyke National Assembly
Republic of Wyke
Type Unicameral
House Wyke National Assembly
President Ben Lawson
Membership 6 Members of Parliament
Meeting place
Wyke National Assembly (mostly online)

The Wyke National Assembly is the legislative branch of the government of the Strepublic of Wyke. It consists of just one house known as the Wyke National Assembly and is presided over by Ben Lawson.

Powers and Duties

The Parliament shall vote on any law that is sent to it by the Cabinet. A proposal needs 2/3 of the vote to become law:

Members of Parliament have one vote, regardless of other positions held. Proposed legislation can not be made directly to Parliament, but must first be passed on to the Cabinet, who will vote on the proposal, then, if it receives over half of the vote, it is put before Parliament.

No laws are passed unless the entire Membership has voted either in favour, against or abstained from voting. This has caused problems during the summer when a lot of Members take foreign holidays, and are unable to contact the Assembly.


All Members of Parliament are allowed the post-nominal letters MWP to indicate their position. Members are elected by a First Past the Post system in six constituencies.

Member Constituency Party
Edward Foxon Mercury West Wyke Capitalist Party
Joe Foxon Mercury East and Tow Law Wyke Capitalist Party
James Goodison Murrayfield South Wyke Social Democrat Party
Ben Lawson Murrayfield North Wyke Social Democrat Party
Daniel Phillips Victoria East Wyke Social Democrat Party
Vacant Victoria West Wyke Social Democrat Party


Ben Lawson


Social Democrat Party
Murrayfield North
Murrayfield South | Victoria East | Victoria West
Wyke Dictatorgate Scandal


Murrayfield (capital) | Victoria