Wyke Capitalist Party

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Wyke Capitalist Party
Party nameWyke Capitalist Party
MicronationRepublic of Wyke
LeaderJoe Foxon
Established27th June 2010
Political positionCentre-right
ColoursGreen and Black

The Capitalist Party is currently the major opposing party to the current governing Social Democrats. Its leader, Joe Foxon, was appointed to a Cabinet position by President Ben Lawson. Foxon was caught up in controversy after the trials of Ben Lawson and Jason Young, during the Wyke Dictatorgate Scandal. The party was renamed as the Capitalist Party in October 2010.


The party only has two members, both of which were elected to the Wyke National Assembly.

2010 election

The party won two seats in the 2010 election, both of which were in Mercury.


During the 2010 election, Jason Young of the Social Democrat Party was accused of rigging 'one or more votes'. He was brought to trial and found guilty of electoral fraud. The trial was conducted in a disorderly manner, and saw Ben Lawson accused, and found guilty of, contempt of court. He was stripped of his presidency and suspended from politics for six months. This decision was overturned the following day on appeal.

A few days later, Foxon stumbled across a Facebook conversation between Ben Lawson and Daniel Phillips, where they discussed military takeover. Foxon claimed that he felt he, and several other citizens, were in danger, and broke off to reform the Reformed Kingdom of Stigistan, an action which Ben Lawson claimed to be illegal. The Reformed Kingdom remained in existence for approximately two months, before Lawson and Foxon came to a deal merging the two nations for a second time.


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