Free City of Wright

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Free City of Wright
Ville libre de Wright
Libera Urbo de Rajtio

Flag of Wright.pngCoat of Arms of Wright.png

For the right, against the wrong
San Francisco, California
Capital cityWright
Largest cityWright
Official language(s)English, French, Esperanto
Short nameWright
GovernmentMilitary autocracy
- GovernorCdre James E Wilary
- Grand AdmiralBobby Newstone
EstablishedNovember 11, 2013

The Free City of Wright (French: Ville libre de Wright; Esperanto: Libera Urbo de Rajtio) is an autocratic micronation based around San Francisco, California in the United States. Wright is defined as a "minimalist" micronation, with a simple government and culture, as a vehicle for members to engage in intermicronational affairs, and have a micronation to call their own. The Free City is the successor state of the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa, which has been shelved due to inactivity.


Internal politics of the Rightese government are limited to the actions of the Governor for life in simply maintaining the existence of the state. Citizens of the free city are classified as either lieutenants, commanders or captains, with the Governor holding the rank of commodore. The entire citizenry acts as Wright's defence and policing forces as citizens of the free city. A formal military exists, the Rightese Naval Fleet (RNF), as a fictitious aspect of culture to increase the literature of Wright's military background.

International affairs

As the intent of the Free City of Wright was to create a micronation from which to engage in internmicronational affairs, international relations are the primary, and at times, the only focus of its government. The Rightese government has yet to formally establish relations with any other micronations.


In order to further the intermicronational interactions between Wright and others, the Free City decided on November 29, 2013 to apply to join the fictional micronational planet of Micras, and the Micras sector itself. The decision by the MCS has been to put a hold Wright's application thus far.

The proposed map of Wright on Micras

Rightese Naval Fleet

The military of the Free City of Wright is the fictitious Rightese Naval Fleet, commonly referred to as the RNF. It contains the navy of the free city, as well as the attached Rightese Air Corps (RAC) and the Rightese Marine Corps (RMC), both which are units of the overall naval fleet. The headquarters of the Rightese Naval Fleet are in Port Oboe, and the current commander is G. Adm. Bobby Newstone.


Type Class Number Names
Aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk-class 1 RNS Enterprise CV-01
Battleship Iowa-class 1 RNS Phoenix Wright BB-01
Landing helicopter dock Wasp-class 1 RNS Liscombe Bay LHD-01
Cruiser Alaska-class 6 RNS Theodore Roosevelt CA-01
RNS Thomas Jefferson CA-02
RNS Lyndon B. Johnson CA-03
RNS Abraham Lincoln CA-04
RNS Jimmy Carter CA-05
RNS Dwight D. Eisenhower CA-06
Destroyer Daring-class 12 RNS Gilroy DD-01
RNS Berlin DD-02
RNS Oakland DD-03
RNS Brussels DD-04
RNS Amsterdam DD-05
RNS Victoria DD-06
RNS Vancouver DD-07
RNS Munich DD-08
RNS San Francisco DD-09
RNS Frankfurt DD-10
RNS San Jose DD-11
RNS Nuremberg DD-12
Frigate Duke-class 5 RNS Ieganeera FF-01
RNS Yliem FF-02
RNS Eleikirt FF-03
RNS Moracinar FF-04
RNS Gaborgameebed FF-05
Corvette River-class 20 RNS San Marino FS-01
RNS Monaco FS-02
RNS Malta FS-03
RNS Luxembourg FS-04
RNS Nauru FS-05
RNS Liechtenstein FS-06
RNS Scotland FS-07
RNS Hong Kong FS-08
RNS Guernsey FS-09
RNS Tuvalu FS-10
RNS Marshall Islands FS-11
RNS Andorra FS-12
RNS Jersey FS-13
RNS Macau FS-14
RNS Hawaiian Kingdom FS-15
RNS California Repubic FS-16
RNS Kosovo FS-17
RNS Guam FS-18
RNS England FS-19
RNS Wales FS-20
Nuclear submarine Virginia-class 5 RNS Franklin D. Roosevelt SSN-01
RNS John Curtin SSN-02
RNS Winston Churchill SSN-03
RNS Michael J. Savage SSN-04
RNS King George VI SSN-05
Submarine Kilo-class 4 RNS William Auld SS-01
RNS Ludwik L. Zamenhof SS-02
RNS Persone SS-03
RNS Incubus SS-04
Fast combat support ship Supply-class 5 FCB Monday AOE-01
FCB Tuesday AOE-02
FCB Wednesday AOE-03
FCB Thursday AOE-04
FCB Friday AOE-05
Icebreaker Wind-class 1 FCB Vent AGB-01
Reconnaissance ship Oste-class 3 FCB Red AGTR-01
FCB White AGTR-02
FCB Blue AGTR-03
Hospital ship Mercy-class 1 FCB Love AH-01
Tank landing ship Newport-class 2 FCB Frappuccino LST-01
FCB Dr. Pepper LST-02