Woslydorian Civil War

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Doralian Sepratists

Socialist party of woslydor

Information: The woslydorian Civil war began when the Doralian wanted to have there own government, Doralian were led by one of woslydor highest generals, Former General Goetz. Who after the war was stripped of his title. It began on May 27, 2017. There had been an unknown uprising plot before. The socialist party of woslydor decided they wanted to make all of woslydor socialist. Then began the force takeover of woslydor. For 3 days woslydor was socialist, Emperor Cooper the great of woslydor decided to intervene and disband the socialist party of woslydor and sent his troops to take back the capitol of new south Sedlovice. On the third day of the socialist reign the. Doralians gained independence. 1 week later the woslydorian troops proudly marched into Dorial ready. But the Dictator of Dorial surrendered. When Dorial re- entered woslydor we gave it enough power to run as a semi-country inside of woslydor with it own government.

Result: Socialist Party Disbanded, Socialist antarctica annexed, Doralian Re-annexation, Woslydorian Government came back into power, Woslydor is peaceful and ever expanding today.

This page is proudly presented by Emperor Cooper The Great.