Workers' Marseillaise

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The Workers' Marseillaise (Russian: Рабочая Марсельеза, Sandum Latin: Marseillaisum Ouvrieriai) is the anthem of the Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus. The Workers' Marseillaise was the former anthem of the Provisional Government of Russia and of the Bolshevik Party, which has since been established as the Party anthem.


Let's denounce the old world!
Let's shake its dust from our feet!
We're enemies to the golden idols,
We detest the Tsar's palaces!
We will go among the suffering brethren,
We will go to the hungry people;
Together with them we send our curses to the evil-doers,
We will call them to struggle with us:
Arise, arise, working people!
Arise against the enemies, hungry brother!
Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward!
Let the cry of vengeance
Sound of the people!
The rich, the exploiters, the greedy mob
Deprive you of your work so hard,
In your sweat the greedy,
They tear your last piece of bread.
Hunger, so they celebrate
Hunger, in the stock market game
They sell conscience and honor
And so they mock you.
Arise, arise, working people...
You the rest is just the grave,
Every day the debt have prepared,
The czar, the vampire takes you from the veins,
The czar, the vampire drinks the blood of the people.
He needs for army soldiers,
So give him your sons!
He needs festivals and halls,
So give him your blood!
Arise, arise, working people...
Is it the eternal suffering is not enough?
Stand on, brothers, everywhere, at the same time!
From the Dnepr to the White Sea,
And the Volga region, and the distant Caucasus!
Against thieves, the dogs - the rich
And the evil vampire, the Tsar!
Defeat, kill them, cursed the criminals!
Enlighten the dawn of a better life!
Arise, arise, working people...
And it goes on behind the bloody twilight
The sun of freedom and the brotherhood of mankind.
Let the world with the last fight we are buying,
Let luck with the blood of the children are buying.
And it breaks in the era of freedom,
It resolves the lie that evil forever,
Unite and struggle of the peoples
In the free realm of the sacred work.