Work for Progress

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Work for Progress (WFP)
NewspaperRO: Vocea Liberă
EN: The Free Voice
Mixed economy
Political positionCenter-right
Seats in the Șuetă
2 / 7
0 / 3

Work for Progress (acronym: WFP) is a centre-right progressive party from Brotherhood of the United Blocks (FBU) that defends the interests of citizens and supports a strong legislature, a low number of public offices, a free market and a state-regulated economic environment. WFP currently forms the Official Opposition, having won the second-largest number of seats in the 2022 general elections. The leader of the party and leader of the opposition is miha_ella.


According to the statute, the party is led by a President (for a 2 years term) who is accountable to the members and has the role of representing the party to the citizens and state institutions.

Political vision

According to the party statute, the Work For Progess political vision is as follows:

  • Pro-monarchy - The Crown is a symbol, a sign of unity, should not have very much political power;
  • The Cabinet&Șuetă - limited number of dignitaries of the state, and a strong legislative than the executive;
  • Meritocracy - promoting people who excel in their fields
  • Ethics - creating an ”ethics commission” that oversees political measures
  • Secular state - religion separate from the state, being an element related to the spirituality of the citizens and not related to the government of the state;
  • Economy - free market, state regulated environment.