Wong dynasty

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Kingdom of the Great Wong

220 BC — 180 BC

Wong dynasty.png
Capital cityJinghai
Official language(s)Old Chinese
Official religion(s)Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion
- KingWei the Great (220 BC - 209 BC)
King Tsao (209 BC - 180 BC)
CurrencyAncient coinage

Today part of
Flag of Chaowan.png Chaowan
Flag of China.png China

The Wong dynasty (黃朝) was the first dynasty in Chaowan to be described in ancient historical chronicles. The dynasty was established by the legendary Wei the Great, the first King of Chaowan according to the Chaowanese royal linage. The dynasty is considered mythical by historians. It remains unclear whether these sites are the remains of the Wong dynasty or of another culture from the same period. The tradition of tracing Chaowanese political history from heroic early kings to the Wong to succeeding dynasties comes from the idea of the Mandate of Heaven, in which only one legitimate dynasty can exist at any given time. Although the Wong is an important element in early Chaowanese history, reliable information on the history of Chaowan can only come from archaeological evidence since the oracle bone script did not exist until then. Thus the existence of the Wong is yet to be proven.


Rise and fall of the Wong dynasty

Wei the Great, founder of the Wong
King Tsao, final ruler of the Wong

The Wong tribe’s power increased and Wei became the leader of the surrounding tribes. Soon afterwards Wei started to lead an army to take over the Chaowanese Islands and Kuishan Island from the Qin dynasty, which continuously abused the border. This victory strengthened the Wong tribe’s power even more. Wei’s succession marks the start of the Wong dynasty. King Tsao, older brother of King Wei, succeeded the throne after Wei's death and reigned for 29 years. After the death of Tsao, the Wong dynasty became annexed by the Han on 180 BC.

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