Winterspell Prime Minister

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Prime Minister of Winterspell
Member ofParliament
Reports toKing Petrus I
Appointer14th Winterspell Parliament
Constituting instrumentNew Winterspell Constitution
Formation16 October 2020
FounderKing Petrus I

The prime minister of Winterspell is the head of government. The prime minister draws legitimacy from Amendment 6 on the New Winterspell Constitution which outlines the structure and function of the Winterspell Parliament


When Winterspell reached 100 citizens, King Petrus I proposed the creation of the office of prime minister[1]. The proposal passed unanimously and just under a month later on 3 November 2020, Joey R. was elected the first prime minister.

Powers and Function

The Winterspell prime minister is in charge of facilitating parliament voting and sending passed proposals to the monarch for royal assent[2]. The prime minister is in charge of planning and moderating sessions of parliament. During a session, the PM cannot vote on proposals or speak on their opinion of the subject at vote. The prime minister is able to temporarily appoint an 'acting prime minister' who will take over the function of running a session at which point they are able to vote and speak on the floor. When a session has concluded, the prime minister is in charge of sending passed proposals to the monarch.

List of Prime Ministers

Winterspell has had three prime ministers.

Parties:       Constitutional Reform Party,       Independent

Image Name Party Government Guild Term of Office
PM Joey Square.jpg Joey R.

(born 2004)

Independent Reback Guild of Table.jpg Guild of Table 4 November, 2020


15 February, 2021

(103 days)

PM Kayla Square.jpg Kayla B.

(born 2004)

Independent Barton Guild of Guild of Guild.png Guild of Guild of Guild 16 February, 2021


15 June, 2021

(119 days)

PM Jackson Square.jpeg Jackson W.

(Born 2003)

Constitutional Reform Party Whitted Guild of Chängr.jpg Guild of Chängr 16 June, 2021


16 October, 2021

(122 days)


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