William of New Anglia

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King William
King of New Anglia The Founder, Protector of the Land, Head of the House of Keating. OSJ OC ROC KS CM OHV (2rd Class) COSD ODC R/IFO
Self Portrait of King William in 2012
King of New Anglia
Reign 1st of January 2012 - Present
Predecessor Title established
Successor Title disestablished
Head of the House of Keating
Reign 10th of June 2011 - 1st of January 2014
Predecessor House established
Successor -
Baron of Voltar
Reign 10 June 2011 - 31 Decemeber 2011
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Throne disestablished
Magnet/ Prime Minister of Voltar
Term of Office 1st of May 2011 - 10th of June 2011
Predecessor Title establidhed
Successor Title disestablished
Full name
William Geoffery Harwar
Posthumous name
His Majesty King William I of the Kingdom of New Anglia, Protecter of the Land
House House of Keating
Father Geoffery 1st Royal Father
Mother Catherine 1st Royal Mother
Born 18 August 1996 (1996-08-18) (age 26)
Peterborough, Cambrigdshire, England
Religion Chirstian Anglican

Origns of the name and meaning

William is from the Old Norman form Williame, corresponding to the French spelling Guillaume, and is a cognate from the German Wilhelm, and of Germanic origin: wil = "will or desire"; helm; Old English helm "helmet, protection" thus the Old German name Wilhelm and the Old Norse name Vilhjálmr have the same roots. The name William has today been interpreted to mean protector of the kingdom or realm.

This means that there is a link between the fact he's a ruler of a micronational moarchy.

The History of His Majesty King William of the Kingdom of New Anglia

Born on the 18 of August 1996 as the second son of Revend Geoffery and Catherine in Peterborough City Hospital. He has claimed for many years that many famous people as son of Vicars the most common refrence being Vice-Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.

He was born with a scar on his left retina, giving only 75% of vision in his left eye, due to the fact he was premature.

He started school at the age of 4 at Thorpe Primary School, and then in 2007 at 11 became a pupil at The King's School Peterborough.

In 2010 he saw the Guy with the Glasses 2 year anniversary speical of Kickassia and was introduced to the world of Micronations through the first few seconds with the Republic of Molossia. He later found about the Principality of Sealand.

A few months later he founded Voltar Wiki on 1 May 2011 giving birth to The Commonwealth of Voltar.

On the 7th-8 May almost a week after Voltar was created he went on a expedition for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze in the Peck Distict. And completed DofE Bronze on the 25/05/2011.

He has signed the Dale City-Atherstone Treaty with King Danny Clarke I of the Kingdom of the Dale Empire, become a mender of the European Union(Micronational) EU(M)

The King's Monogram has the letter K and W, K as in King and W as in William, the fact that he is the first monarch to use the name William he has no need to put if he's the first or not.

Baron William I Monogran.png

The King's Personal Standard is the Royal Standard of the House of Keating with King William's Monogram.

Royal Standard of the Baron William I.png

William Keating's Political Compass.png

In early January 2014 King William decided to proclaim his Kingdom defunct.

Medels and Awards

Order of the Crown OC Ribbon.jpeg

Royal Order of the Cross ROC Ribbon.jpeg

Keating Star

Order of Saint Jude (Archduke of the Order (A. D. O.)) Order of Saint Jude.jpeg

Order of Honour and Valour (2nd class)

Corporal Medel

Order of St.David: COSD Order3.png

Order of the Duke/Ducal Cross Ducal.png

Royal Felician Order Felician.png


Ancestry of King William

Monarchical Styles of
King William the Founder
House of Keating Coat Of Arms.png
Reference style His Majesty, The King
Spoken style Your Majesty, Sire


Preceded by: King/Queen of New Anglia, Protector of the Land Succeded by: New Anglian Coat of Arms.png
Monarchy established 1 Janaury 2012 - Present -
Preceded by: Head of the House of Keating Succeded by: House of Keating Coat Of Arms.png
House established 10 June 2011 - Present -
Preceded by: Grand Master of the RMOA Succeded by: COA of the RMOA.png
Force established 29 April 2012 - Present -

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