William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

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William Lehman
His Imperial Majesty William Lehman, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark
William Lehman I in the Imperial Gardens of the Imperial Palace
Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmak
Reign 17 April 2019 - present
Coronation Not crowned - Scheduled for late 2019.
Predecessor Throne established
Consort HRH Archduke, Tyler Hantken (engaged to be Wedded)
House House of Lehman
Father Robert Lehman, Step-Father
Mother Cheryl Lehman
Born 31 August 1995 (1995-08-31) (age 25)
Adelaide, South Australia
Occupation Emperor and Autocrat, Receptionist, Pilates Instructor
Monarchical styles of
Emperor and Autocrat William Lehman I
Imperial CoA.jpg
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Sire

Life Story

William was born to Cheryl Lehman on 31 August 1995. Robert Lehman met Cheryl and eventually they wedded and became William's stepfather.

Robert was around in William's early days however he had to move back to Tasmania for over 4 years to help with his terminally ill father. He did eventually come back and supported William while growing up. His mother Cheryl made sure to provide everything she could for William to ensure he had a happy childhood.

William attended Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary School and eventually went to Mount Carmel Secondary College. Both were private catholic schools and provided great education. He eventually graduated Year 12 and attended the University of Adelaide to undertake a Bachelor of Economics, he eventually left the University after one semester because the course was boring and dry. He did however get a High Distinction in Japanese Society.

It was from here that he started working as a Legal Secretary at RSA Law before briefly becoming a Paralegal at Hudson's Law and eventually landing a Receptionist role at Aim Physiotherapy and Work Health Solutions, and his eventual love of the Pilates Method. William left this job in August of 2017 due to management issues and now works in Administration for AC Podiatry.

In early 2015 he met his partner Tyler Hantken and in December 2018 William asked him to marry him, Tyler said yes. There is no wedding date as of yet.

Micronational Life

The Empire of Lehmark had humble beginnings, William had observed a documentary on YouTube regarding Micronations and some of the things that people were doing, how they went about it and why they wanted to build their own states. William, having a long interest in politics and wanting a political career of his own, but having lost total faith in the political system of his homeland of Australia, set out to build his own.

Originally Lehmark was to be a Empire located in Antarctica specifically - Marie Byrd Land - that was before the William discovered Westarctica, then the Empire was to exist in South Antarctica, but this too ran into issues. So he decided to rebrand again, this time Lehmark was born. Unsure of what to claim and out of frustration he stated that Lehmark claimed the Earth, while he gave himself time to build Lehmark, and this proved to be a fatal decision.

After a week or so, and having no comments made as to Lehmark's claims and with Lehmark growing in influence (they had joined the GUM as an Observer State), William had decided to redefine the land claims and reduced it from Earth to Australia, very quickly people turned from interested to hostile, from there William defended his actions and that of Lehmark's. At the same time a rather negative story was being written in The Glastieven. William decided to redefine the claims a third time and only claim the Imperial Residence. William remained diplomatic and defended the Empire's actions vigorously to the Micronation Community, the GUM and The Glastieven. His actions have gained the Empire a certain level of respect from some Micronations and their leaders, and the issue seems to be solved.

With growing hostility and an environment of bulling William made the ultimate decision to remove Lehmark from the GUM and venture out into the world, fearing this would harm Lehmark's image he chose to quietly announce the nations departure and this proved to be a wise decision and has only enhanced the Foreign Relations, Lehmark has been developing.

William has achieved many of his goals since founding Lehmark, such as the building of the Imperial University and Bank, as well as developing Lehmark's currency and international reputation. He has become increasingly more confident and pleased with how Lehmark has been developing especially on the world stage, since the fatal mistakes. Part of this increasing reputation he puts down the Micronational Confederation, Lehmark's founded Micronational Union and the mature manner in which he conducts himself online.

His ultimate fear is that Lehmark will become stagnant, forgotten and unoriginal. Which is the path many micronations have befallen to. William does his best to continue to make sure Lehmark develops in all areas and stays relevant in the ever changing world of micronationalism. Recognising this fear and not playing into it, is what he believes has allowed Lehmark to come so far in such a short period of time, when compared to some other micronations which have existed for the same amount of time.

Non-Micronational Life

Outside of being a Micronational Leader, William works in Administration at a Podiatry Clinic. Before this he worked at a Physiotherapy Clinic, where he discovered the Art of Pilates. He begun seeing a Physiotherapist for chronic back pain and neck pain, once introduced to Pilates and slowly experiencing less and less pain, it was love at first exercise. In early 2019 he undertook a Cert III in Ultimate Reformer Series with Polestar Pilates Education to become a Qualified Reformer Instructor.

Apart from his educational aspirations William is also an avid reader, historian and art and architecture admirer.

Williams obsession with history begun when he was 3 years old and found he loved everything regarding Ancient Egypt and their fascinating history, eventually this branched out to Ancient Iran, Rome and Greece, before long he found that he had active interests in most global history. His favourite nations to read about are: Ancient Egypt, Iran, Mauryan and Gupta Empires, Ming and Wing dynasties of China, Empire of Japan, Roman/Byzantine Empire, Austrian/Auto-Hungarian Empire, Denmark-Norway, Ottoman Empire and Portugal, giving him a vast knowledge of global history from about 5000CE up until 1945.

William is also an avid admirer of artistic works from 1600 - 1850 as well as architecture from 1500 - 1900.

Political Views

William personally views the politics of Australia to be broken which is why he started his own country. He still supports Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Australia but no longer recognises her as his Sovreign.

William's personal politicals views dont quite fit into left or right, he is a firm beliver is free education, healthcare, food and housing, but also supports conservative opinions in areas of governance alone.

He is very politcally motivated in terms of Human Rights and what he sees a Human Rights Abuses of the Australian Government as well as strong views on Envrionmental Protection, two things which became cornerstones of Lehmark.

Titles, honours and arms

Flag scoria.png Republic of Scoria
2 September 2020 – present: Scorian Medal of Friendship - Ribbon.svg Scorian Medal of Friendship


His Imperial Majesty, William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark

William Lehman I, Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark
House of Lehman
Born: 31 August 1995
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Throne Established
Emperor and Autocrat of Lehmark
19 April 2019 - present
Succeeded by