Will Campbell or K.W. Stapleton

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Will Campbell or K.W. Stapleton
A common depiction of Campbell in the community; originally an image of Kensaki Zihau, a character in Glastieven mythology based on Stapleton.
Editor of The Glastieven
Assumed office:
21 March 2017
Predecessor Office established
King of Mikaris
Assumed office:
12 October 2018
Co-monarch Charlotte I of Mikaris
Monarchy Rainbow Fedora
Predecessor Office established
King of Sairmaena
Assumed office:
1 June 2018
Co-monarch Charlotte, Queen of Sairmaena
Personal information
Partner Charlotte Stapleton (see Mikaris)
Father Gail
Mother Anthony
Born 29 September 2001, Ireland
Religion Christian (Church of England)

William Michael Campbell, also Kerry William Stapleton, (born 29 September 2001), commonly known as Will Campbell or K.W. Stapleton, is a Glastieven micronationalist who is currently editor of The Glastieven and an administrator of MicroWiki. He is not affiliated with any extant micronation, but is one of the four members of the Envardia Planning Board, and is the king of two model countries, the Kingdom of Sairmaena and the Kingdom of Mikaris. Historically, Campbell held various roles in the First Republic and Second Republic of Glastieve and was their main representative in the micronational community, and before that was the de facto leader of Skovaji. He was also a founding member and the second chairman of the Micronational Economic Group.

Early micronational career

Skovaji and Classical Acteriendia

First and Second Republics of Glastieve

Planning Board, The Glastieven, and Sairmaena

Political positions

Religious views

Cultural and political image

Life outside micronationalism

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