Wilhelm I of Kiyern

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Wilhelm I
Wilhelm von Schroeder
King of Kivaria

Head of the House of Schroeder
Tenure October 31st 2018 - Present
Predecessor Maximilian I
Regent Frederick
King of Kivaria
Reign October 31st 2018 - November 20th 2018
Coronation October 31st 2018
Predecessor Maximilian I
Regent Frederick
Count of Lawdensburg
Reign July 7th 2018 - November 20th 2018
Coronation July 12th 2018
Predecessor Ludwig III
House Schroeder
Father Count Maximilian of Kir
Mother Countess Kaitlyn of Kir
Religion Lutheran

Wilhelm I is the incumbent King of Kivaria. He succeded his father after his father abidcated.


Wilhelm von Schroeder is a Alias of his father, Maximilian I. He was created in order for Maximilian to continue his Royalty career in other nations such as Germania.

Early life

Wilhelm was created in Duckingham Palace and was a member of the Imperial Royal Family of Lilylandia. After Lilylandia, Wilhelm held a number of Military positions in Auvenum and Aenderia. The age of the Alias is 2 years, but the fake age is 79.

King of Kivaria

On October 31, Wilhelm became King of Kivaria after his father's abdication.