Wilhelm-Rudolph of Ruritania

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King of Ruritania
Official Portrait
King of Ruritania
Reign1967 – 17 May 2010
SuccessorAnastasia of Ruritania
Died17 May 2010
SpouseQueen Anastasia
IssueGrand Duchess Julianna
Grand Duchess Lydia

King Wilhelm-Rudolph of Ruritania was the first "real life" king of Ruritania from its macronational founding in 1967 to his death on 17 May 2010 where he was succeeded by his wife Queen Anastasia of Ruritania. King Wilhelm-Rudolph was instrumental in the initial founding and development of Ruritania, working alongside his wife to draft the nation's first laws, royal codes and customs as well as helping to establish more fantastical elements of the micronation such as Ruritania's lore, geography and (origional) history.