Whestcorean Cabinet

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1st ministry of Federal Republic of Whestcorea Dank flag 2 copy.png
Mememaster-General Horatio Eden
Date formed September 2015
People and organizations
Head of government Horatio Eden
Member party Party Party
Legislature term(s) Third
Previous None, first cabinet

The Whestcorean Cabinet makes up the executive branch of the Whestcorean Government. Led by the Mememaster-General, currently Horatio Eden, it sets out the policy for each department of government.


The first cabinet was constructed following the creation of Whestcorea in September 2015. So far, no party has removed the party as the majority party in government in the nine months that the government has been active, and thus the cabinet has not changed since its creation.


Position Name Held office since
Mememaster-General Horatio Eden September 2015
Vice Mememaster-General Bob Christ September 2015
Mememaster of Defence Baron von Sherwood September 2015

All other positions are dealt with by the government at large in general and the Party Party apparatus specifically.