Draft:Whatopian Revolutionary Cold War

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Whatopian Revolutionary Cold War
Date17–24 January 2020 (2020-01-17 – 2020-01-24)
1 week )
  • Whatopian victory
  • Whatopia secures its independence and territorial integrity
Whatopia School
Commanders and leaders
Yellow Principal
  • 6
  • Whatopia:
  • 4 Government officials
  • 2 Citizens
  • 6
  • School:
  • 1 Principal
  • 5 Teachers


After the founding of Whatopia on 12 January 2020, Yellow sought to firmly establish its sovereignty, and in doing so increased tensions with the school—which had ordered the Whatopians to move tables.


15 January

Following growing tensions and uncertainty, Yellow and another Whatopian official gave the middle school principal a contract, for which both the Whatopian government and middle school authority could sign, to allow for peace between the two for a minimum of one year. The principal alleged that they "shredded" the contract when they were asked about it later.

The email sent by a citizen to Yellow, informing them that the group was forced to move tables, sparking the cold war.

16 January

Yellow fell sick on the 16th, and therefore was unable to show up at school. At 14:17, Yellow received an email from a Whatopian citizen that everyone was forced to move table due to one of the teachers getting really mad at them. Yellow informally declared war on the school.

Course of the war

17 January

The Whatopians were quick to occupy their claimed territory once lunch began. The teachers took note of the citizens and began discussing amongst themselves, but no action to confront the Whatopians was ever taken.

20 January

Yellow informed a Whatopian official that if Whatopia's citizens weren't harassed by school staff by Friday, the 24th, it would be perceived as victory for Whatopia, ending the war.

22 January

Yellow is elected as President of Whatopia.

24 January

Nothing happened on the 24th. With this, Yellow declared victory for Whatopia and tensions significantly subsided.