West Woodberry

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"West Woodberry"
Cover of the single release.
Single by Henry Clément
Released1 October 2017
RecordedPottsboro home studios;
July 2017
Songwriter(s)Henry Clément
Producer(s)Henry Clément
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"West Woodberry" is a song by American musician and member of the Diarchy, Henry Clément, under the name "Pinball." It was released in October after being restored from its July 2017 recording date - Clément's first single outside of the Diarchy - and was thought to be the lead single off a speculated solo album. It was, in part, released to assist in the promotion for the Diarchy's eponymous debut album. It is also Clément's first official effort as a music producer, as he solely recorded and produced the track.

Background and release

Henry Clément first began recording music with the intention of releasing it professionally in April 2017. He began composing "Exhibition" as his first effort, and released a poorly produced version on his Soundcloud account as his first release before it being removed shortly after. In the following months his focus was directed to the Diarchy, a musical endeavor with Newton von Uberquie. Around August 2017 he began preparing and starting recording sessions for a solo album, planned for a 2018 release during the Diarchy's impending break period.

An old recording, originally meant to be for the Diarchy, was restored and prepared for release under Clément's name, a recording which became "West Woodberry."

Charts and awards

"West Woodberry," to date, hasn't charted in any countries or micronations.