West Antarctica Defense Forces

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West Antarctica Defense Forces
Emblem of the WADF
Founded 2009
Headquarters Capital Territory
Commander-in-chief Nikola Lasica
Branches Land Forces, Navy, Air Force and Defense

The West Antarctica Defense Forces are the unified military forces of the State of the People of West Antarctica consisting of Air Force and Defense, Land Force, and Navy. General Staff handles the Strategic Command. State of the People of West Antarctica is a military neutral country and maintains civilian control of the military.

Ideology and Values

State of the People of West Antarctica has proclaimed itself to be a military neutral country meaning it will only engage in self-defensive operations. The military doctrine and the ideology is similar to that of Sweden. This means the country cannot enter military alliances without a civilian vote. The main duty of a neutral country is to abstain from war. Therefore, West Antarctica requirement is to prepare itself in defending its neutrality and sovereignty of its borders. Also, West Antarctica has to do everything possible to avert a war. Today the Armed Forces are subordinate to the orders of the democratic civilian authorities, the laws of the state and norms. Thus, the citizens of the Republic of West Antarctica have the power to block military actions though the democratic representatives. WADF objectives include, defending West Antarctica from armed threats, providing aid in case of natural disasters and catastrophes and upholding peace. The government has setup a military code for soldiers to follow, listed below.

  • West Antarctica Defense Forces have a duty to defend the existence of the Federation of West Antarctica, its independence and the security of the citizens and residents of the state.
  • The obligation of the West Antarctica Defense Forces and its soldiers is to protect human rights based on the Charter of Universal Human Rights. Every human being is of value regardless of his or her origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or position.
  • West Antarctica Defense Forces servicemen and servicewomen will gain the professional knowledge and skills needed to perform their tasks, and will carry them out while striving continuously to perfect their personal and collective achievements.
  • West Antarctica Defense Forces soldiers view their service as a mission; they will be ready to give their all to defend the state, its citizens and residents. This is because they are representatives of West Antarctica who act based on the authority given to them under the Constitution of the State.

General Staff

The General Staff of the West Antarctica Defense Forces, composing of professional personnel, has the highest authority in the Armed Forces. The Staff create strategic and tactical preparations and procedures for use in peacekeeping missions and in times of war and is responsible for developing the command structure, creating a plan for soldier recruitment, regulating training curriculum, and performing other tasks determined by the military law.

Land Forces

Basic tasks of the Land Forces are:

  • To maintain an optimal level of combat readiness of the Land Forces.
  • To fight a possible aggressor's main forces on strategic-operational levels and to defend against any land, air and amphibious assaults.
  • To prevent, in cooperation with the other branches of the WADF, an aggressor from in-depth operations on West Antarctic territory.
  • To build and develop the capability to respond to requests of non-traditional tasks that are required of the West Antarctica Defense Forces.


The mission of the Navy is to defend the integrity and sovereignty of the State of the People of West Antarctica and to promote and protect its interest in the Amundsen Sea. It carries and organizes the naval defense of the Republic. The Navy fulfills its role by preparing itself and carrying out the following main tasks:

  • Deterring the threat to the State of the People of West Antarctica by maintaining high level of competence, training and technical quality of equipment.
  • Constant control of the Amundsen Sea and coast-land.
  • Strengthening of the safety conditions on the Amundsen Sea and preserving the integrity of the maritime borders.

Air Force and Defense

Air Force and Air Defense aim is securing sovereignty of the air space of the State of the People of West Antarctica and providing air support to other services in implementation of their tasks in joint operations. It is a proponent and organizer of the West Antarctic air defense integrated system. This double role of the Air Force and Air Defense is realized with the following main tasks:

  • Inspection and control of the air space security.
  • Predominance in West Antarctic air space, over land and sea.
  • Providing help in natural, humanitarian and technological disasters.
  • Search and rescue operations.
  • Support to control of the proliferation of people and material goods.