Wesley I of Elmguard

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His Royal Majesty
Wesley I
King of Elmguard

Kingdom of Elmguard
Reign 10 February 2014 - present
Predecessor Throne Established
Successor TBD
House Avant
Born May 1994 (age 22)

His Royal Majesty King Wesley I, has ruled as King of Elmguard since 10 February 2014.

Early life

Wesley grew up playing sports and reading fiction novels. In the summers starting at age 12, Wesley would work construction with his father. In High school he played strong safety for his football team and outside back for the rugby club in the area.


In 2015, Wesley created a pool cleaning company that maintains and cleans swimming pools inside Elmguard and in the United States of America. He also works for a security company created by his friend Duke John of house Ward that receives contracts from clubs and small events.

Becoming King

Before the kingdom of Elmgaurd came to be, In the year 2014. Wesley was the Duke of Elm Grove. Which in 2014 Elm Grove and all the lands belonging to The Kingdom of Elmguard currently, were rule by King Philip of the now exiled Royal house Johnson of the Kingdom of Valnor. Wesley at the time along with other current vassals of Elmguard did not like King Philip's lack of leadership and care of the kingdom so Wesley challenged King Philip to relinquish his power. The decision was decided by an arm wrestling competition. After winning, on February 10, 2014 Wesley and the other vassals of King Philip created the kingdom of Elmguard and gave the crown to Wesley.

Foreign Titles